Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch vs. PS4 Comparison Shows Favorable Visuals

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus will launch later this year for the Nintendo Switch and now the first look at the game is available now through PAX East. Wolfenstein 2 port is being handled by the same developers who have ported Rocket League and DOOM for the Nintendo Switch.

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mikeslemonade171d ago

Switch fans will tell you it doesn’t matter because the screen is small. That’s inherently also the problem because it hides the flaws but also hides the details you need to see in a game.

That’s a myth that a small screen hides the flaws. It’s a myth that you only need 720p for a small screen. Don’t buy into that BS. The switch screen sucks and the system doesn’t have enough power.

AmstradAmiga171d ago

Looks great for a portable title so what are you on about.

Menech171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

No actually pixel density is an extremely important in display quality. 1280x720 on a 6.2" screen will look a lot sharper than 1920x1080 on a 50" screen at normal viewing distances.

Obviously the PS4 is much more powerful hardware, so things like better anti aliasing & textures can compensate for lower pixel density. But to go on and claim it doesn't matter.

Well It's almost as stupid as claiming the earth is flat. If pixel density didn't matter, 4K TV's would be pointless.

SuperSonic91171d ago

The saddest thing is Nintendo will charge full price for an old inferior port

mikeslemonade171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Yea sharper but video games you need to see detail like maybe a sniper that is 300 feet away. On the switch that sniper you won’t be able to see him.

So while the switch looks fine but what’s the point if you can’t see small details.

Prince_TFK171d ago can always play it in docked mode if you hate the screen?

G3ng4r171d ago

Looks fine. This game makes ps4 pro sound like it's about to explode so I guess one advantage of the switch version is hearing the soundtrack.

TedCruzsTaint171d ago

The Switch is a fantastic system.
Stop being a child.

Neonridr171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

lol, you can't see the added pixel density a 1080p screen would bring about on a screen size that small. So it is wasted resolution and additional tax on the hardware for nothing.

Tazzy171d ago

The fact that its on the go is going to be great for gamers the screen may be small however its way better than the Vita screen thats for sure Vita couldn't even run Wolfenstein II. You need to do some research before commenting on articles because theres people out there that will school you when it comes to things you know nothing about and it shows you know nothing about consoles or screen resolution. Name another console maker that has a 720p screen on the go?? :)

wonderfulmonkeyman171d ago

Nintendo doesn't set the price of third party games, genius.XD

Uken12171d ago

You are just uneducated and clearly a fanboy. To expect a Portable Gaming system to be able to run at the same level of a PS4 Pro is idiotic, also for less money. Completely idiotic. It actually looks a lot better than expected. So go cry to someone else about how the Switch "sucks". People who like Videogames actually like video games. The system doesn't make a game.

Now if you are a fan of Wolfenstein, you would be a fool to not want it to sell more copies. Hence you should be happy that other people have the opportunity to play the game. So you have a stick up your but for no reason.

And by your standards you should have the most expensive PC money can buy otherwise all the little details that are lost on PS4 pro or XB1X are taken away. You can't see a sniper at 600 yards.

dantesparda171d ago

The comparison videos between Doom Switch & Doom PS4/Xb1, dont do the consoles versions justice as to how much better they look. On the comparison videos, it (the Switch ver.) doesnt look that bad, but in real life when you see them for yourself the Switch version looks wwwaaaayyyyyy lower res and has way lower texture quality and is much, much rougher/choppier on the framerate and not just cuz its 30fps (or less) but rather because the frame pacing is some of the worst I've ever seen. So these comparison videos dont show you the real differences between them and dont do the console versions justice and actually make Switch look better than it actually is. I'll save judgment for when i see them for myself.

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unknownbystander171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Yes there is blood. Go watch GameXplain's direct-feed video:

Segata171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

There is a 20-minute direct footage vid on GameXplain and there is plenty of blood.

Tazzy171d ago

There's blood in the game. :\

deafdani171d ago

It has blood. Why are you spreading false information?

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Sm00thNinja171d ago

Game runs at 30fps on Switch. Lost interest after reading that

Razmiran171d ago

What did you expect from a portable system?

Eidolon171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

It's not portable when it's docked. Still 30fps and various visual downgrades.

Eidolon171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Doom uses the same engine. 600-720p unstable 30fps docked and the same team porting.

UKRsoldja171d ago

30fps, low resolution, blurry textures, no blood. Sigh. But's portable or whatevs...

Eidolon171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

They should just down grade the f out of the graphics and make it 60FPS 720p minimum. Wolfenstein New order ran at 720p 60fps on ps3.

Segata171d ago

Go watch the GameXplain video. Plenty of blood.

Neonridr171d ago

no blood? Did you actually watch any of the videos? Tons of it.

Segata171d ago

It's a system smaller than a DVD case dude.

Old McGroin171d ago

Spiderman runs at 30fps on PS4 Pro, lose interest in that too troll?

Eidolon171d ago

It's not an FPS and will feature better graphics at that 30FPS. And Wolfenstein 2 was primarily a 60FPS game and is an FPS.

Akarogg 171d ago

You knew it was going to be 30 fps you troll. Weak bait

Sm00thNinja171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Why rebuy the same game? How well did DOOM sell on Switch? Can we get numbers? These are fast twitch shooters, Spiderman is 30 fps are you kidding me? 2 totally different games you're ridiculous. Lots of great offerings on Switch just not willing to lose that fluid gameplay at 60 fps when there are better options of Switch.

I'm sure someone will enjoy this. Wolfenstein 2 on the go isn't my cup of tea. It's an experience I really want to see at 4k on a big ass screen at 60fps. Portable isn't always the better option.

Akarogg 171d ago

You get 30 fps more often than not in AAA games on your precious PS4, can you please pipe down

Neonridr171d ago

is Destiny not a fast twitch shooter? It's only 30fps.

Sm00thNinja171d ago

You're assuming I enjoy any of the games you mention. Destiny is not a fast twitch shooter. How long have you been alive? Quake, Doom, Unreal, those are fast twitch shooters. Some games don't need the fluidity of 60 fps. TLOU relieved a 60 fps upgrade but is just as good at 30. When did Switch fans become so oblivious

I don't play Destiny. I also have an Xbox. Stop assuming my gaming gender.

Neonridr171d ago

so is Destiny, Horizon Zero Dawn, insert plenty of other 30fps games.. I will gladly take 30fps so that I can take the game with me on the go.

Sm00thNinja171d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn doesn't need 60fps. And Destiny is best on PC at 60fps. If I had the option I would definitely play it on PC as opposed to console.

If Wolfenstein 2 on Switch is your only option then by all means but if you can pick it up on Xbox One X or PS4 why bother? There are better portable options available to switch owners.

I've been stuck playing Celeste which doesn't play any better on different platforms

Neonridr171d ago

so are you saying that Switch owners are better off without Doom and Wolfenstein 2? That the library doesn't look more appealing if you add in more games along these lines to what's available?

Obviously if you have multiple consoles then you have options based on what's most important to you. I have a 4K TV and all that jazzy stuff to go along with my Pro. But I have a wife and 2 kids, so I don't get to game as much as I would like to. I get to play my Switch far more often since I can sit on the sofa playing it or while I am in bed. I also have a gaming PC.. so I really have decisions to make.

But having more games is never a bad thing. If it was a terrible version, then maybe I would agree. But it's the same game, even if it is a lower resolution, frame rate or missing a few special fx.

Sm00thNinja171d ago

Read what I said. I CLEARLY said if Wolfenstein 2 on Switch was your only option by all means. ENJOY! Watching game play trailers it doesn't look to be a giant drop off. But if you have options there are better options on other consoles. And better offerings to satiate my portable needs on Switch.

Still it's nice to see the Switch receiving steady third party support

Uken12171d ago

Not everyone is hardcore when it comes to gaming. People in their 30's have jobs, lives and families. Many of them travel for work. Many of them like FPS games and have grown up with Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake and Unreal. They have disposable income and may like to play Wolfenstein while traveling for work. Then their are younger people who only have one system and etc.

You can buy it on other consoles, no reason to complain.

Sm00thNinja171d ago

I didnt complain. I simply said I wasn't interested after hearing 30fps for a Wolfenstein game and I'm skipping this. Nintendo fans are the ones in arms that can't accept that decision

Uken12169d ago

I agree there are some dumb people (Some type of fanboy) who try to say it is on the same level. It isn't and can't be. But if it is your only option then by all means. Personally I don't really care, I do like seeing the Switch get more types of games because hopefully it will mean good things in the future.

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BLAKHOODe171d ago

I know I'm in the "don't get it" minority, but I don't understand how the Switch is considered even in the same ballpark as the PS4 and XB1. Sure, there is the first party factor, but I would think Switch gamers would be getting fed up with getting subpar ports all the time.

That said, I own a Switch. But I've only bought maybe 3 games for it. I mostly switch back and forth between PS4 and XB1.

Theknightofnights171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Because graphics aren't always the reason one purchases a game for a system. The draw for the Switch is convenience. I mean, you don't have to have the same mind set, but I don't understand how you (or others) can't understand convenience.

BLAKHOODe171d ago

But it's not just graphics. It's also performance.

Neonridr171d ago

@BLAKHOODe - and looking at the video, where do we see performance struggling at all? The gameplay looked smooth... so not sure what you are on about.

Xx_Pistol_xX171d ago

Specs wise it's not even close.

wonderfulmonkeyman171d ago

Entertainment-wise, it apparently doesn't have to be, otherwise it wouldn't be selling as well as it is.

Zeref171d ago

Same, I have my switch for the exclusives not shitty third party games. But its good for those who don't own a PS4 ,Xbox One or PC.

Hardiman171d ago

I'm with and I have it for Nintendo's exclusives. I have all third party titles on PS4 because I dont game on the go. I can understand why some would like though. They'll always say graphics aren't everything and there's some truth to that but in the 8th gen there's some things I've gotten accustomed to.

Akarogg 171d ago

I know I'm in the "don't get it" minority, but I don't understand how the PS4 is considered even in the same ballpark as the PC. Sure, there is the first party factor, but I would think PS4 gamers would be getting fed up with getting subpar ports all the time. I mean, it's not even portable to compensate like the Switch, SMH

badz149171d ago

whenever you have no answer...bring in the PC. CLASSIC! you're trying too hard!

BLAKHOODe171d ago

I think console gamers accept that PC offers a superior gaming experience. I can only speak for myself, but I'm not savy in keeping a PC updated, nor could I afford to continuously update it. So sticking with consoles is a better option for me.

Ultimately, every gaming device has it's pros and cons. You put over one's pros and someone will always come along pointing out it's cons while putting over another's pros. And then repeat. Infinity.

Akarogg 171d ago


Why not? Isn't it a gaming platform as well? Is there are rule against that? Lol

ImGumbyDammit171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I am tired of the PC represents the best experience. That is patently false for most PC gamers. You do realize the PC more likely represents subpar gaming than any other platform. The variety of system setups lean more toward the bottom capability of gamers on the PC not this imaginary belief that everybody has a 1080/1070. Yes, that rare gamer that spends $600+ on just a graphics card can tell us all that they can get the best gaming. However, most gamers on PC (according to Steams own numbers) seem to reflect most games are using 1080 or a 1070 and not running 60fps with full fidelity and experience is closer to Xbox or PS4 for most PC gamers than anything close to what the master race thinks they are. " Yeah!" for the 5% of PC superior experience gamers who will again have to update their cards every few years to keep saying they are Master Race. I will stick with my consoles for all its advantages over my PC.

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Akarogg 171d ago

Then thank you for admitting what a clueless hypocrite you are

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Gemmol171d ago

Subpar, worse version, and etc

People keep using these terms and others, but no matter what they say, it's not PS1 graphics, not N64 graphics, not SNES graphics. The games regardless of what Xbox one X can do which is the strongest system still look good and if we can play graphics like this on our Vita we would not hear these complaints. Take a look at vita post back in the days, no one talks about subpar and all these other terms.

It's cool if you like power, but if you writing subpar or worse version and you not a PC player then you a hypocrite because no matter how strong Xbone X is over the ps4 pro, it's still the worse one if PC gets the game too. So if you a Sony fan like me and you using those terms you are being proud of being 3rd worse version

Gameseeker_Frampt171d ago

So you want people to judge the Switch as a portable just like the Vita was. Got it.

I do like how when something negative comes up the response is "Switch is a portable" but when something positive comes up its "Switch is a console."

Razmiran171d ago

Yes, its a console, a portable console

Gemmol171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

I meant both ways console and portable, i just use vita as a point because of games it had framerate problems and no one had issues with it even tho it plays console version games just like Switch, only difference switch do console games in two ways handheld and console

You spin it to talk about portable only

Respond to my first post so i can get notification

But no matter how you play the switch handheld or on tv the games still do not look PS1 graphics

Even ps3 had issues but the games still look good, there's a huge list of ps3 with frames issue, even resolution and i am not talking about 1st party, because this a 3rd party game they comparing against ps4, no one complain, i am a ps fan so i read both news and i remember seeing people be okay with less than 30 frames

Vegamyster171d ago

It's a tablet with a mobile chipset that plugs into your TV just like the Nvidia Tablet, it's entire gimmick is being able to play it anywhere you want.

Neonridr171d ago

no, what he is saying is that regardless if it's inferior to the PS4/XB1/Pro/OneX versions, it still looks, feels and plays just like Wolf 2. It's not a completely different game like we would have seen back on the Wii days. It didn't have to be tailored to suit some different control style or be built from the ground up. It's the same damn game.

wonderfulmonkeyman171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Switch is in the unique position of being a hybrid of both.
A fact which people who hate the machine and any fans of it, ignore, so that they can use one side or another of its nature as cherry-picked ammunition in their childish jabs against it.

Uken12171d ago


A portable console..... It's a portable console. It fits in your hands, and can be taken anywhere. It's portable.

It's a console, and yet portable. Go ahead and take any other console and start it up anywhere. Oh wait that isn't possible.

Nintendo is in it's first generation of this concept and it will only get better. So what's the problem? Oh it's not the PS4 Pro version.

Sony and Microsoft are headed in the direction of competing with PC, they already are but that gap will close.
Nintendo can't compete with PC and never will. Their portable market has always brought in huge numbers. So they did the smartest move and combined their mobile and console departments. GBA, DS and 3DS had a boatload of games on them. The Switch connects the two.
People have been wanting console level graphics on their portable for a long time. Just like Console gamers wanted PC level graphics. We finally have it and you come on here complaining.

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unknownbystander171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

People seem to forget that this is running on a mobile chipset inside a console 1/16 the size of a PS4, and that you can take this with you anywhere.

If you're complaining about graphics, the answer is simple: don't get it. There are plenty of other people out there who will buy this due to portability, convenience, and because it simply works.

Knushwood Butt171d ago

So you advocate spending 60 bucks on a game released last year, that is technically inferior on almost every level, but you can play on a handheld.


Neonridr171d ago

yes.. you can play wherever you want. That is the whole point. If you want to be tethered to your TV like traditional consoles, then go for it. If you want to play the game out and about, then feel free.

Sacrifices need to be made, were you expecting a PS4 that is like double the thickness of a Galaxy Note?

wonderfulmonkeyman171d ago

So you advocate bashing a system for technical inferiority, when it's about a third or less the size of its competitors' hardware, while ignoring that in the grand scheme of things, "technical inferiority" is a hallmark of all consoles compared to any decent gaming PC. [which many people can buy, right now pre-built, for about as much as people pay to get a PS4 Pro and PSVR together]