WorthPlaying: Baja: Edge of Control Review

WorthPlaying writes: "With this latest round of gaming consoles out on the market, a genre that has flourished is racing. There seems to be a racing game for just about any vehicle and any style, whether you want to race with expensive sports cars or futuristic hovercrafts or go-karts. One sub-genre of racing that has received plenty of exposure is off-road racing. There were already several off-road racing games in the past, but the graphics and sound upgrades have made them more desirable than ever. THQ has had a fair share of racing games in the past, thanks to their MX series, some of which have been great examples on how to do the genre right. Their latest racing game, Baja: Edge of Control, seeks to put a new twist on the off-road game by making it a little less arcade-y and a little more simulation. Does the gamble pay off, or was it a mistake to change a winning formula in the first place?"

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