Video Game Greats: The Rise of Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is an iconic piece of video game history. This beloved ape, known for his appearances in the Mario franchise and his standalone games, is a worldwide phenomenon. But where did he come from? How has he evolved? Where did he get that red tie? Sick Critic takes a look at DK in this first edition of Video Game Greats.

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FallenAngel1984226d ago (Edited 226d ago )

“Donkey Kong 3 is considered a shooter”

I like to think that the addition of the various shooting weapons in Donkey Kong 64 is a reference to the use of a weapon in Donkey Kong 3.

“This leaves Diddy Kong with no choice except to try and save his father”

Donkey Kong isn’t Diddy’s father, it’s his uncle. Nowadays Nintendo just refers to them as friends with no familial connection.

“This is the final game in the Donkey Kong Country series.”

DKC3 isn’t the final DKC title. The series got rejuvenated in 2010 with DKCR. The last game in that series so far is 2014’s DKC: Tropical Freeze

“Donkey Kong 64 was the first game in the franchise to have 3D gameplay”

DK64 is the only 3D game in the series. There should really be another 3D entry in this franchise.

“The positive reception of the series helped prove Nintendo’s theory that Donkey Kong could be more than just a platformer franchise.”

Other than Diddy Kong Racing, fans haven’t held any Donkey Kong game that isn’t a platformers in as high regard. They merely tolerated Donkey Konga but that didn’t really show that the series could thrive outside of platformers, only that Nintendo had no clear vision of how to handle the series. DK: Jungle Beat reminded people how this series should stay a platformer and Donkey Kong Country Returns further cemented that.

“There haven’t been many Donkey Kong games in the last 10 years”

That’s not entirely true, although most of the Donkey Kong games we’ve gotten since 2010 have been Mario vs Donkey Kong games with only two entries in the DKC series.