First direct-feed footage of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on Switch

NE: "After we saw the first off-screen footage yesterday, a bunch of direct-feed gameplay has come in for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on Switch."

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Neonridr165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Looking good so far. Running fine as well. I am sure some concessions were made, but if I can get the entire game experience on the go, sign me up.

On a side note, whoever was playing this game has terrible aim, that boss fight.. sheesh.

Smokingunz163d ago

I could see no concessions, for a handheld this looks mighty impressive color me impressed. This looks and plays better than doom on the switch. Bethesda/panic button outdid themselves

Neonridr163d ago

don't get me wrong, I am super excited about what I am seeing. I just meant that we all know that it won't run as high of a resolution, framerate will be halved and there will probably be less anti-aliasing and stuff, but it looks awesome to me.

Sono421163d ago

I don't know why you're getting disagrees. This looks phenomenal for being on the go.

Critic4l_Strik3163d ago

thats the N4G community for ya :/

MayorPauline165d ago

Looking good. With no MP hogging resources and lessons learned from the Doom port Wolfenstein 2 looks even better the studios last port.

Pancit_Canton164d ago

It gives me headache just watching this. 30fps is not good for FPS.

solderman164d ago

Be warned if you give valid criticism about a Switch port on N4G you'll get scorned by the Nintenbots. It is currently the poster child on N4G.

cpayne93164d ago

Didn't seem to give headaches last gen, or before that.

Razmiran164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Or when halo was hailed by xbox fans as the best fps saga

Wrex369164d ago

Lmao you used Nintendbots unironically you should probably take a second to reassess yourself.

strayanalog164d ago

I think it's more fair to say that every console is a poster child for how gaming is done in their respective camps.
So let's not target one party here, nor think that Nintendo fans are the only ones that defend their system choice.

Madmoose164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

It's funny you see this as that's you could magnify that by 15 and that's how most people feel about any negative opinions or valid criticism towards anything sony around here. Hell, you can show them your gamertag trophies and all that and you will still get cannibalized around here if you say anything remotely non praising of sony. Soooo yeeeeeah, I will let that sleeping dog lie as there are much bigger pots around here trying to call out that little kettle. The irony of it all is that you seem to be one of the first people that's even brung it up or saying anything.

Esit: Oh wait, you actually called people Nintenbots??? I actually missed that the first time as I didn't think that people that actually considered themselves real game is even talk like that. As is usually the extremist and fanboys resorting to lame ish like that. Lmao Okay, my bad. Your @** definitely can't be taken seriously lol

Pancit_Canton3h ago(Edited 3h ago)
Nah, just the low textures + poor motion blur + sub par 30 fps seems to triggered my headache.

Then for the love of God please tell me you never owned a sony console until the third one. As they would have made you go full-on blind. Or at least tell us that you just started gaming last-gen. That will be much more believable then what you're saying at the moment.


Ha ha ha exactly. I was thinking the same thing, but was unsure and didn't want to go that far out on a limb. The length of some people will go to the old man. I wanted to reply to you directly but you didn't have the option. Seems you're not the only one calling out that bs though. Good post none the less!

wonderfulmonkeyman163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Be warned; if you lie about what is and isn't valid criticism, like you just attempted to, you'll be ignored by anyone with common sense.
30fps has never been "not good for FPS".
It's the accepted minimum standard and works just fine now as it always has.
It's the janky ones that leap between 30 and 60 that you have to worry about, as inconsist fps is the worst foe of any game where detailed movement, in character or in aiming, is a necessity.
Thankfully, the Switch port here seems to be doing just fine on stability.

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Razmiran164d ago

I think you might want to visit a doctor if you get headaches that easily

Pancit_Canton164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Nah, just the low textures + poor motion blur + sub par 30 fps seems to triggered my headache.

Razmiran163d ago

Are you younger than 14?
Ps1 - N64 games would have decimated your brain then

Pancit_Canton164d ago (Edited 164d ago )


I can't remember any FPS that runs at 30fps last gen. besides Killzone 2. Other than that most of them runs at 50/60fps.

Resistance series runs at 50/60fps
Cod series runs at 50/60fps
Killzone 3 runs at 50/60fps
Halo series runs at 50/60fps
Crysis series runs at 50/60fps
Doom series runs at 50/60fps
Etc etc....

PhantomTommy164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Oh I absolutely love it.

And with that, you prove that you have no idea what you're talking about. Killzone 2 and 3 were both 30fps, Shadowfall was unlocked -- rarely came close to 60fps. Resistance has always been capped at 30fps. Up until the release of the MC Collection, every Halo game had been 30fps..... you were right about Cod.

90% of the console shooters you played last gen ran at 30fps. Killzone 2, Resistance 3, Halo 3 and Halo: Reach were and still are fantastic games. They were designed with 30fps in mind and they play just fine.

Movefasta1993164d ago

resistance ran at 30 dude, resistance 2 ran at like 20fps. Halo 3,4 and reach ran at 30. Killzone 2 and 3 ran at 30 i think.

Theknightofnights164d ago

Resistance series targeted 30 FPS
Killzone series targeted 30 FPS
Halo series targeted 30 FPS
Crysis series were unlocked, but hovered around 30 FPS on consoles
The last Doom game on consoles aside from Doom 4 was a Doom 3 remaster. Which was originally on the first Xbox and targeted 30 FPS.

Battlefield series was also 30FPS on consoles. Bioshock was 30 FPS. Borderlands, Far Cry, Metro, Left 4 Dead...just about every shooter outside of Call of Duty targeted 30 FPS last generation. Unless you played on PC.

gangsta_red164d ago

You might have had headaches all last gen and never realized it.

....Too funny right...

Razmiran163d ago

This is it folks, this is when he stops answering after making a ridiculous claim

cpayne93157d ago

Lmao I wish I had seen this before, just beautiful

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FlyingFoxy164d ago

Well the way some people harp on about 60fps, you'd think it's a golden standard and higher fps doesn't exist. On PC if you play 100+fps with the right monitor and Gsync/Freesync it looks and feels smooth as butter even compared with 60.

Sono421163d ago

The only thing giving me a headache is how bad this person is at playing, also the fact that you act like this is unplayable. This is truly amazing for an on the go machine.

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MetroidFREAK21164d ago

It's looking better than the Doom port. The frame rate needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I don't mind 30 FPS given all the concessions that had to be made.

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