Fully Playable Build of System Shock Remake to be Ready by September

"Following the resumption of work on the System Shock remake last month, developer Nightdive Studios expects to fully playable build ready later this year."

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Guyfamily999191d ago

Oh that's cool, thought it was dead for good.

coolbeans191d ago

Nah, was put on hiatus after development got out of hand. It's a fascinating story of a Kickstarter-funded game stepping back from bloated design.

Achamian191d ago

Late 2019 release? dude.

bluefox755191d ago

I guess they were serious when they said they were gonna finish it. Taking a while, but better late than never.

Fist4achin191d ago

You don't have to rush on anyone's account. Just release something of good quality is all we ask.