DreamStation: Vampire Rain: Altered Species Review

DreamStation writes: "Vampire Rain: Altered Species was released on the Xbox 360 last year to pretty bad reviews. The newly released version for the PS3 tries to set itself apart from its' predecessor by tacking on a crappy subtitle and moving some cutscenes around, but this doesn't address the real problems with the game.

Vampire Rain places you in the shoes of a Sam Fisher knockoff named John Lloyd who works for a Third Echelon knockoff named the American Information Bureau. John is tasked to take care of the "Nightwalkers", Vampire Rain's vampires. Apparently these vampires are running around unchecked, taking out everyone in their path. Soon, the vampire race will take over the world; in 900 days to be exact. At your side you have several team members, from your tech guy to your token hot female character. You are sent to a town to take out the prime Nightwalker, which in turn will kill all the other vampires he controls. This may sound like a decent back story, but the execution of it is less than stellar. It especially gets irritating towards the end of the game, as it seems like there is a cutscene every minute or so."

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