What Happened to Xbox This Generation?

To better understand what the hell is wrong with Xbox in this generation, it really helps to learn what the hell was wrong with Playstation during the last one.

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lxeasy168d ago

Don Mattrick and the team made the horrible mistake of ignoring what us the gamers have been telling them all along. The success of the Xbox 360 got to there head and they made moves that would have been good for their business but not so good for the consumer, and that ruined their PR. They gave them selves a major handicap this generation. After that a domino effect was created.

OTaylor167d ago

Kinect is what happened. The early success of the Kinect sent a message to investors, shareholders, and by extension the heads at Microsoft(including Mattrick). Microsoft tried to go two directions at once with the Xbox One. They tried to cater to the casual kinect crowd and core gamers. What they ended up with was an overpriced console that was spread thin in the area that mattered most.

The good news is that Microsoft learned from this mistake. Phil Spencer has righted the ship hardware wise as much as could be expected in the latter half of this generation. The X is the $500 console that should have released in 2013.

StormSnooper167d ago

A bad business model that forgets why we love CONSOLES.

RacerX167d ago

- Lack of consistent exclusives
- Mainly releasing exclusives during holiday season
- Not coming through on highly anticipated (and overhyped) features (the cloud, hololens, Kinect, anyone?)
- Overhyping the few exclusives, that fell flat

Yeah, I'm an Xbot, I stuck it out all generation.... The multiplats have kept me having fun. But the next Xbox is in trouble if Microsoft can't do something revolutionary with Exclusives.

fr0sty167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

This is a multi-faceted problem.

1. Xbox has always been this way. The first Xbox suffered from many of the same problems (little to no first party support, leading to poor sales and limited third party support vs. PS2). The 360 beefed up first and second party offerings, but still nowhere near enough. The only reason they did as well as they did against PS3 was price and the fact that due to ease of development, most multiplatform titles performed slightly better on 360. The initial $600 price point, even though the base model was actually $500, also hurt PS3 throughout the entire generation by giving 360 the chance to build up name recognition during the first half of the generation. This gen, that was no longer the case, so the flaw that was always there became apparent again.

2. In addition to all that, we had the Mattrick debacle, the always online DRM, Kinect, "TV", "TV", "TV", the $100 increase in price at launch over PS4 (did they learn nothing from PS3? Sony did!), and their insistence on spin and FUD to try to counter their mistakes rather than just being honest and correcting them. Spencer has done a good job of at least trying to right some of the wrongs, but he still hasn't acknowledged the core problems in the first point I made.

3. Where there are first party offerings, Microsoft often struggles to get either a quality game or a timely game out the door. Games are often canceled, delayed, or come out underwhelming like Sea of Thieves, which happened to be one of the only first party Xbox titles that really grabbed my interest when I first saw the previews for it. Crackdown seems delayed into infinity, Fable is rumored to make a comeback, but with a new team and we don't know if it will also get caught up in the delay/cancellation mess, so all they really have to bank on with first party at this point, as far as AAA big sellers go, is Forza, Halo, and second party stuff like Gears.

Microsoft did themselves a big favor by opening the Xbox ecosystem to PC, that is something I've been saying they should have done for a long time now, but they still aren't going to get anywhere unless they do something about those 3 things.

indysurfn167d ago

@otaylor People got upset about not being to trade in games without a fee to trade it in, and without a fee to buy a used game. Kinect was disconnected and sold optional. Kinect was minor compare to their real problems. And it was optional before it released.

Microsoft did not want to admit it. and nether did a few game boys. Sony did not stand on stage and say this is how you add a optional game. Instead they said this is how you share a game!

If Microsoft thinks the major problem was Kinect then they did not learn a significant thing!

TedCruzsTaint167d ago

"Don Mattrick and the team made the horrible mistake of ignoring what us, the gamers, have been telling them all along. The success of the Xbox 360 got to their heads, and they made moves that would have been good for their business but, not so good for the consumer. That ruined their PR. They gave themselves a major handicap this generation and, after that, a domino effect occurred."

Fixed your atrocious grammar.

Forn167d ago

Even when they revealed the X, it seemed as if there was an unwarented cocky arrogance to the suits of Microsoft as if the gamers should buy their console just because it was new and had a little more juice than before, despite their lackluster lineup of games.

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WilliamSheridan167d ago

Nothing happened, it's just slightly behind the Xbox 360. And based on it selling so poorly outside of the US this gen, that's surprisingly good for MS!

Just because it isn't selling like Sony doesn't mean it's bad.

UCForce167d ago

Really ? Xbox One can’t even make a comeback like Sony did with PS3.

Knushwood Butt167d ago

Nothing happened.

You hit the nail on the head.

167d ago
Army_of_Darkness167d ago

Nope. Sorry bro but the xbone is finished. The 1X is merely giving the xbone a crippling piggyback to the finish line...

RosweeSon167d ago

Slightly behind ie well over half the sales behind 360 and never gonna get anywhere near to matching 360 levels. It’s not happening Xbox 1 is not selling anywhere compared to 360 this is fact no one knows the numbers aren’t revealed and I wonder why that might be oh yeah they not selling half as many as they did last Gen

UCForce167d ago

@haydenlake i’m not jumping gun here,buddy. It has been 4 years for MS and it took way too long.

trooper_167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Are you kidding me...

Please tell me this is sarcasm because it sounds very delusional to read this.

yeahokwhatever167d ago

It's good for MS that its not selling outside of the US? Huh?

spwittbold167d ago

Slightly is drastic understatement. I am an Xbot at heart, mostly due to how atrocious the PS3 was, and the amazing improvements Xbox 360 made in on-line gaming for consoles as well as having (in my opinion) the best controller design ever.

Xbox One has been a major let down. It is miles behind the 360 and PS4. The only thing the last two generations have demonstrated is that Sony and Microsoft need to stop with the hardware "Gimmicks," like motion controls and VR - give us exclusive games we can't find anywhere else that are fun to play - with co-op campaigns, fun multiplayer, and or a majorly encapsulating single player experience.

quenomamen167d ago

Yea, MS enjoys being in thie place their in, its like they planned it. DENILE

Sunny_D167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


Sony was already releasing critically acclaimed games by its 2nd year with games like LittleBigPlanet. The PS3 also had MGS4 as well. By the 3rd year, Sony released games like KZ2 and Uncharted 2 and kept it coming.

The Xbox is in its 5th year and hasn’t had one good critically acclaimed hit at all.

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DarXyde167d ago

I see it more as the third console curse.

PS3 had a really rough start and got better. Xbox is doing a lot of things right, they just need more/ better games. I beat Cuphead and I'm pretty much just waiting for Ori 2. PlayStation has been killing it this generation and Switch is pretty solid.

Still, don't be surprised if the next Xbox is more like the 360 in terms of aggressive strategy. Actually, nevermind; come to think of it, Microsoft has actually botched all of their consoles. Xbox had an awful controller and not too much you couldn't play on PS2, 360 had an alarming failure rate, and Xbox One just doesn't offer much in the way of games (and the best titles are smaller experiences).

They really do try, but they focus on such strange things. I really expected Phil to kick things into high gear, but him not doing that could be a direct result of business practices and bureaucracy.

The console isn't bad but I'm at a point where I feel little incentive to buy a new Xbox.

Godmars290167d ago

"Xbox is doing a lot of things right,"

What actually have they done right? What have they ever done right?

The first Xbox had inherent issues which prevented lowering manufacturing costs, which means MS ate their first console gen. The second they rushed out then gave up on thinking they'd won with the US market, so with the third they crippled themselves thinking they could do no wrong.

bluefox755167d ago

Nah, PS3 was awesome. Had a rough start, but came back to beat 360, and is still one of the best consoles to date IMO.

Rude-ro167d ago

PS3 did not have a rough start, it got attacked by a media push from Microsoft and also got locked out of a lot of third party games due to deals made by Microsoft.
The ps3 outsold the 360 from day 1 in aligned sales... the only failure or rough part was losing the market size of the ps2...
This gen started with a lot of eyes on said tactics of Microsoft and they could not really do it again, but they tried and fell flat.

DarXyde167d ago


Microsoft has taken *some* of the feedback seriously. They offer backwards compatibility, very powerful hardware, Game Pass, EA Access, removed the DRM requirements, and features UHD Blu-ray playback. The Xbox One is a great console, the problem is Microsoft always finds a way to self sabotage their efforts. In this case, game offerings are slim pickings, which really limits the potential of game pass. They move in the right direction but always find a way to limit themselves. If they got out of their own way, I think they'd be really popular abroad.


That's literally what I said. I emphasize PS3 had a really rough start and got much better.


PS3 definitely did have a rough start, and rightly so. Xbox 360 had been out for a year and did great with the online servicer, controller, XBLA, and a few other things-- there's a reason Sony lost market share. Sony literally launched a $600 console one year late with less games, no force feedback, and an unstable online service (though it was free, so there's some merit). Let's be honest, Sony was in their own way at the beginning of last generation, and Kuturagi wasn't helping much either with his claims (4D? Future proof? Supercomputer?). That massive hack didn't help their image either. But in truth, PlayStation is always a safe bet. They start out a little slow (though PS3 was definitely worse than the others) and become amazing. It's why every generation, by the end, PlayStation has always taken top spot for me (except for handhelds). Don't spin this. Microsoft had some aggressive shady tactics before, but are we going to pretend Sony didn't get in their own way a lot at the beginning of last generation? And didn't Sony do something similar with Dreamcast?

I don't pretend to be unbiased, but if we're being objective here, PS3 was definitely a victim of Sony's own poor messaging. Attributing its difficulties entirely to a Microsoft smear campaign is asinine.

jznrpg167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I see it as greed and corporate culture of a company and that overriding the consumer and what they want, games not subs and more subs and hey another sub here for you

DarXyde167d ago


That's fair. I wouldn't get any of these subscriptions because ownership is a huge thing for me, but no one is hurt here since they can still buy games. Point is, there are options and that's not a bad thing.

trooper_167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

1. No real exclusives.
2. DRM fiasco.
3. Overhyping and not delivering.
4. Not keeping their customers satisfied.
5. Not taking risks, period.

Yeah...that's a lot of things they're not doing right.

GrubsterBeater167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


"They offer backwards compatibility, very powerful hardware, Game Pass, EA Access, removed the DRM requirements, and features UHD Blu-ray playback."

This is the problem with XBox and it's fans...

None of what you listed was about new games, new exclusives, new IP's, or any new groundbreaking GAME mechanics or features, and the only things that you DID list that even had anything to do with new games was EA Access and Game Pass, which is just the ability to play unfinished games for a price, and moving towards GaaS models which is bad gaming in general.

You guys seem to forget that a GAMING CONSOLE is all about, you know, GAMES.

You guys are so happy with getting either next to nothing, overjoyed games that turn out terrible, or new "features" and "updates", and while getting shafted constantly, there is constant praise and defence of MS, which only hurts you guys because MS feels they don't have to do anything to remedy the situation.

Get mad at MS instead of praising and defending them and you might start getting games on your gaming console, but at this point, it is wayy too late...

yeahokwhatever167d ago

Saying the PS3 had a rough start a bunch of times doesn't make it true. The PS3 did really well, especially at 499 and 599 US. 360 did better than the Xbox because of an entire year of no competition, coupled with lower prices and the need to constantly replace overheated units for those juicy second, third, and fourth time buyers. Xbox lives and breathes Halo. Halo is dead. Xbox's future is in trouble.

letsa_go167d ago

Not to mention, microsoft killed off the original xbox after only 4 years! I bet they were going to do that with the 1x as well, but decided to release it in the same xbox one family so they don't completely alienate their fanbase.

DarXyde167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


It's easy to focus on what they've done wrong, and that's the pessimist in you speaking. Xbox is not perfect. Never said it was and I like Xbox One a lot less than PS4 and Switch. I even liked Wii U more. I should add that your points are grossly redundant and informs me you read pretty much the first sentence of my post and gave up. I addressed the DRM and mentioned they got the message. At no point has an Xbox One owner been forced into the DRM practices because they were removed prior to launch. You say they're not taking risks, but what exactly does that mean? They're offering subscriptions to day one first party titles and pushing for cloud computing. In terms of hardware, I think they take more risks than Sony but less than Nintendo. In terms of software, they don't really take risks and I can agree on that much. I'd like you to elaborate on hype and delivery. Say more. All things considers, "not keeping your customers happy" is a BS argument. Purely subjective and logically follows from aforementioned complaints. You're just space filling.


Wow. And here I thought I was a PlayStation fan. You [erroneously] assume that because I'm giving Xbox some benefit of the doubt that I identify as an Xbox fan. Wrong. You couldn't possibly be more wrong. Of course games matter most, but please do tell me about the groundbreaking new mechanics we're seeing in PlayStation games. No, really, say more on that. I vastly prefer PlayStation, but I'm a gamer first and I can't think of anything that might support your statement. PlayStation games are largely innovative in their narrative, otherwise PSVR and Sony Japan games are the only things, in my opinion, approaching "groundbreaking" in terms of GAMEplay mechanics. I'm inviting you to explain yourself more clearly on what you mean by groundbreaking.


PS3 sold more globally, but the Xbox 360 was definitely more popular in the West, at least for a time. You're probably going to say the failure rate inflates those numbers, but consider that people bothered replacing them. Earlier multiplatform games also ran much better on Xbox 360, and that was reflected in consumer attach rates.


Truth. That's honestly how this is probably playing out. I agree with this.

Godmars290167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

" They move in the right direction"

No. No they don't.

While they'll - often repeatedly - say what sounds like the right direction, what's actually done eventually leads to a mistake. Kinect is the best/worst example of them saying, of them convincing themselves, that what they were doing was the right thing yet only lead to the mistakes with the XB1.

You're also missing the point that while the PS3 had a difficult start, that MS fully botched advantages gained from that difficult start. That in the long run they only lost ground with it being argued that they even finished 2nd for the gen.

"You say they're not taking risks, but what exactly does that mean? They're offering subscriptions to day one first party titles and pushing for cloud computing."

Thing is cloud computing was at the very heart of what they wanted with the DRM practices. Likewise game pass isn't a risk, its a recovery move that could end up further devaluing the game production process. Make the goal to just provide content regardless of quality, which was what their version of Steam on the 360 was about.

DarXyde167d ago (Edited 167d ago )


"While they'll - often repeatedly - say what sounds like the right direction, what's actually done eventually leads to a mistake."

Elaborate. Because backwards compatibility is a pretty sizeable win, especially when games are enhanced as much as they are with the One X. To that end, I argue that Sony had an opportunity to incorporate even some level of software emulation into the Pro and chose not to. It's difficult to really argue against Game Pass, considering (a) it's purely optional and (b) works pretty well for budget gamers. I don't see the problem with either of those.

"Kinect is the best/worst example of them saying, of them convincing themselves, that what they were doing was the right thing yet only lead to the mistakes with the XB1."

A mistake that was rectified and any example of them making a good call. The Xbox One had power reserved for Kinect. Microsoft unlocked that. They also discontinued and outright killed the device. Was that really such a bad thing? Seems like the right move to me.

"You're also missing the point that while the PS3 had a difficult start, that MS fully botched advantages gained from that difficult start. That in the long run they only lost ground with it being argued that they even finished 2nd for the gen."

Microsoft botched their advantages after Peter Moore left. Regardless, that doesn't really speak well to how well Sony was doing. It was more of an indication of how badly Microsoft was doing. It took a while for PS3 to get good games. Let's not mince words. PS3 got way better and Xbox got way worse, but if last generation were a traditional length, I do wonder how that would have played out for Sony. That is, would they have turned the tide before the generation was "over"?

"Thing is cloud computing was at the very heart of what they wanted with the DRM practices."

Agree with you there. No arguments.

"Likewise game pass isn't a risk, its a recovery move that could end up further devaluing the game production process. Make the goal to just provide content regardless of quality, which was what their version of Steam on the 360 was about."

Debatable. It may devalue a game OR it may bolster a game's accessibility. Either way, if there are microtransactions (which seems par for the course with Microsoft), there are other ways to compensate financially. It also helps that it's digital, so they don't have recurring shipment costs. You're paying exclusively for labor.

All things considered, I see that I fundamentally disagree with you all. We'll leave it at that. Don't see the merit in dragging this out.

Godmars290167d ago

BC on Xbox was happening regardless of launch DRM, but because of the backlash that caused owners of the old games don't have to double dip.Is still uncontrolled conditions involving a game's popularity and permission from current IP holders. Likewise Sony didn't do it, committed to a streaming service for such, because of complaints and arguments of it being not needed on the PS3.

"A mistake that was rectified and any example of them making a good call."


They technically made two other consoles in order to full compensate for limits Kinect imposed on the original XB1. They expect the general consumer to buy a new, possibly more expensive, system in order to make up for their mistake. That's far from a good call.

"It may devalue a game OR it may bolster a game's accessibility."

Thing is, by example MS has long shown that they place little value on game quality. Past looking good, being community based so one sale increases possibility a circle of friends also buy the game, and being a portal for things like DLC and MTs. They want people on XBL as paying subscribers. The whole thing with online/DRM/Kinect was about centering households around Xbox for that and other revenue-making reasons.

"Don't see the merit in dragging this out."

And yet you've only done just that while continually pointing out that the PS3 had a rough launch. For all the nothing that matters now.

Why it's different for the XB1? Its still feeling the effects. Is, between the XB1s and XBX, technically a dead console.

_FantasmA_167d ago

PS3 did not have a rough start. It launched a year later, that's not rough.

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167d ago
Aceman18167d ago

The heads of the division, and lack of creativity on their devs part happened to the system this gen.

Kryptix167d ago

The Phil Spencer PR machine stopped being effective while the Xbox fanboys believe everything is fine in their little bubble which only takes 17% of the space and on decline.

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darthv72168d ago

Every platform holder that has made the rounds has had an off generation. They don't always surpass the previous... A better question is will MS fare better with their 4th system or will they close up shop like Sega did with Dreamcast (their 4th)? It took Nintendo's 5th (Wii) to bring them back into contention and the Switch (not WiiU) looks to keep things in a positive direction for them.

moegooner88168d ago

PS3 doesn’t constitute an “ off generation.” Console eaisly had the most GOTY winning exclusives last gen. It is funny thu how 85 plus million units sold is the basis of an “ off generation “.

Zerobalance167d ago

Most people got the PS3 as a cheap blue ray player & never bought a game.

xX-oldboy-Xx167d ago

Zerobalance - most Wii's were sold to retirement villages, most 360 sales were due to RROD. See it's easy to say things.

OT: They put their faith in the wrong areas, forced Kinect on their customers, broken promises and willingness not to take risks on new ips.

moegooner88167d ago

“Most people “.

Provide a source then.

The Wood167d ago ShowReplies(1)
bluefox755167d ago

Sony has never had an "off gen", lol.

_FantasmA_167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Sony has never had a bad console. All of them were the top selling console in their generatons (except for the freakisly popular Wii). The only time they f'ed up was with the Vita. I use mine like once every 2 years.

mandingo167d ago

Technically 360 sold better. They just stopped caring cuz they won realistically. 360 was the better console last gen no doubt. But that’s not to say ps3 sold bad by any means

xX-oldboy-Xx167d ago

mandingo - in no way did the 360 sell better, it's a fact. Did it take a chunk of marketshare, yes - does that mean best selling - no.

People have to accept, MS has finished third in every gen they've participated. The 360 was their best effort, the original and xboxone got absolutely spanked.

zeuanimals167d ago


The PS3 is around 85 million. Last we heard about 360 was a few million less. The PS3 was also on the market for a year less, so it got more sales in less time too.

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submarinna168d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hardiman168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

For me it started last gen as they began to close studios and focus less on new IP's. With that said Alan Wake was the last Xbox exclusive I bought and I loved it but there wasn't really anything like that after that said to me you have to buy this.

Now to this gen it started off rocky for me with E3 13 at the horrendous Xbox One unveil and at that moment I decided I wouldn't be buying one for sometime and as this gens went on they've only justified my decision.

Also last gen Sony stumbled with the release of the PS3 and I wasn't about to spend that kinda cash on a console especially since I had a day one 360! Now fast forward to 09 or 10 and I'd been through three or four 360's because of RRD and I was looking for greener pastures and Sony released the PS3 Slim and I got it along with Uncharted, Demons Soul, Infamous, Resistance 1&2 and I was in love! Since that time it's been all things Sony because they have games that cover the entire spectrum! I did get a Switch because of their exclusives and really "games" is where it's at in this industry!

If the day ever comes M$ has more intriguing games on offer I'll be there but as long as they continue to do business like they have been for a few years I'm out and I'm not losing any sleep about it!

Destiny1080168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

you have to hand it to phil, he certainly tried his best

just look at all the backwards compatible games you can play
sea of thieves is the biggest selling new ip in the history of xbox
xbox had numerous years, with the best lineup in Xboxes history

Goldby168d ago

fastest selling* not biggest

two different metrics.

it beat out QB for fastest new ip, but that was only 200k

gamerzero168d ago

That was the history of xbone not the history of xbox.

And numerous years? Heh if you say so...

nowitzki2004167d ago

Just look at all those old games you can play on your new console.

SOT isnt anything to brag about

TKCMuzzer167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

So hold on, look at all the backwards compatible games you can play. So your congratulating them on making all the games you could ALREADY play on a 360 available on a new console, yet fail to point out the complete lack of investment in new ips for which you bought the console.
You can not sell hardware based on past software, you need to give customers reasons to invest in new hardware. The X is a prime example, what is the point? You can play some games in 4K yet none of them are new original MS games giving reason to own the console, the average console gamer could not give two cents about resolution.
If you were a completely neutral customer and the choices were laid out in front of you, the hardware, the current software, the future software coming in would be a no brainer. Here is a clue for you and Microsoft, people going shopping for a GAMES console for a reason, they are not looking for tapped on crap, they are not looking for TV crap, they are looking for GAMES. Sony kept it simple this generation and I am imagine they are just as amazed that Microsoft seem to be ignorant to the fact.
It has taken years for Sony to get the exclusive reputation and to keep them rolling , that's how far Microsoft are behind in this area and its going to take a massive push to get near let alone on an even keel.
Also remember, Sea OF Thieves reviews were not exactly flying out the gate before release date, funny that, what about second week sales and so on.
I had a 360 and it was great console but unfortunately after a few good years the real Microsoft seem to have lost interest in pushing the hardware and more about pushing something else which i'm not even sure they no what.

The Wood167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

They should of been using this gen to build for next gen after their unfavourable start. This gen was pretty much lost before it started because of last gens fall off for some. Their reveal was the nail in the coffin others. .Their performance was the dirt on top of said coffin. They could have used this gen to build for next gen. Their foundations need strengthening. There won't be opportunities like last gen where they had better deals, head start, cheaper console and mindshare . .all gone. . Bare knuckle against their main competitor is a different fight when your mt perks aren't applied lol

166d ago
Goldby165d ago

2017 Sony had:
Gravity Rush 2
Tales Of Berseria
Yakuza 0
Horizon Zero Dawn
Nier: Automata
Persona 5
Dragon Quest Heroes II
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Xbox had
Halo Wars
Sea of Theives
Forza 7

trooper_167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Phil didn't do squat.

He's watching the ship sink instead of stabilizing it.

MegamanXXX167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Facts and reality has struck big time

Razmiran166d ago

Fanboy logic

166d ago
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