Arc System Works open to including Skullgirls, Fate and Avatar in BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle

In a recent Facebook livestream from Sakuracon 2018, Arc System Works revealed that they are willing to invite characters from other IPs to join their upcoming crossover fighting game: BlazBlue Cross-Tag Battle.

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PhoenixUp222d ago

Would Skullgirs’ art style even mesh well with the other represented series?

ZaWarudo222d ago

They'll probably use their own art style to represent the Skullgirls characters.

Last_Boss222d ago

FATE is the perfect match!! I saod this a long time ago and cats got angry.

ZaWarudo222d ago

Oh hell yeah i want Skullgirls in!

PapaBop222d ago

Fate would be awesome but honestly, I'd just be happy if they added some Persona 5 characters, I assumed they would include at least two considering it's a new game.

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