Time Hollow Review: No Time Like The Present (TrueGameHeadz)

2.0 writes:

"Konami's latest DS title, "Time Hollow" might as well have been named "Butterfly Effect: The Game," since it borrows so heavily from the scientific theory that the movie was based on. The basic gist of the theory (and the game) is that if you go back in time and change something, no matter how small it is, it will have some kind of repercussions on the future. If you can wrap your head around that concept, and enjoy tinkering with the past courtesy of a pretty sweet point and click adventure, then "Time Hollow" could be the perfect game for you.

In the game, you play as Ethan Kairos who wakes up on the morning of his seventeenth birthday to find a pen that can draw holes that allow..."

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jsoncip383686d ago

It really is a lot of fun, and kinda different