GamersInfo Review - Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One "It pains me to say this, but you don't really need to read this review. Simply go to, read a couple strips, and see if they make you laugh. If they do, it's a safe bet you'll like On the Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 1. If not, then this isn't the game for you. And be warned, the game may look cute, but it definitely earns its M rating, and the comics make liberal use of adult language. But here's a little more information to help you make your decision.

In 1922, something sinister lies beneath the surface of the city of New Arcadia. As the game begins, you have just finished raking your lawn. Taking a moment to admire your handiwork, your house is suddenly destroyed by the careless tread of a giant robot. Two young men run past you in pursuit of the giant machine. The narrator informs you there will be no time for windsurfing today. Determined to avenge the loss of your house, you take your rake and head off.

In your adventures, you'll come across a wide variety of strange characters and interesting enemies. You'll meet a garbage man with a jar full of teeth, a urologist who studies the effects of peeing on various things, and a vapid and slightly sinister man running the entrance of a boardwalk. And these are the people who are working with you! Your enemies include a cult of mimes, trash with teeth, drunk and violent hobos, and tiny diabolic juicing machines (known in polite company as Fruit F'rs) that force themselves upon innocent produce."

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