CSM: Little Big Planet review

CSM Writes:

"What makes this game so amazing is that each of the three parts stands on its own merit and yet they seamlessly intertwine. If you aren't the creative type, just playing the Story will be fascinating -- it's like no other platformer you have ever played because the environment is so reactive. And when you're finished with the Story, your fun gaming experience can continue endlessly by exploring new levels created by others online. While EA is policing this content to keep it E-rated, this is a community where kids could run into offensive material before it's ferreted out, so parents might want to join in on the exploration of online content.

For kids (and adults!) who have always wanted to create their own video games, this game gives you the tools to do just that. And they are simple to use, presented with loads of hand-holding in the form of video tutorials. There are pre-made objects like circles and squares, but you can also design your own shapes. You can put them together in a variety of ways including string, glue, or bolts. If you're overwhelmed, the game offers templates to get you started. You can create something simple in 15-20 minutes or spend days working on something to give you bragging rights with friends."

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