An exercise in ranting

Screen Play: "Has anyone ever had to go to Europe, just to read the book that was imported from there? Or had to contact the publisher to let them know you were going to read it again?

Ever waited for a game with baited breath? Bought it in the morning it was released (or indeed midnight) got home, only to find you have been stopped from playing by the copy protection?

Had to download 500 MB of extraneous files or authenticate yourself online, to play a single-player campaign?

How about when the copy protection company decides not to support your particular DVD or CD drive? Just because it is a good burner/reader? (maybe too good...)

Ever had a disc damaged because the copy protection is so poorly programmed that the disc spins up and down so often that it throws the balance of said disc out (Neverwinter Nights 2) and causes cracking?

I understand that companies have the right to secure their intellectual property against theft, but there are measures that go way too far. BioShock for instance is a purely single-player experience, yet we have to not only register online (and are forced to update to the latest version) but even with this system in place we also have to have the disc in the drive to play the damn game. What happens in 10 years when I want to play the game again and the protection company is no longer running the servers? The EULA didn't say anything about only being licensed to play the game for a certain number of years."

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