Life As A Disabled Gamer

Earnest Cavalli writes:

"A few days ago I received an email from a man named Andrew Monkelban, one of the gamers profiled in the documentary Second Skin.

As his inclusion in the documentary would attest, Mr. Monkelban is almost a prototypical gamer, except for the fact that he was born with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that affects his "limbs and fine motor functions."

I live a rather blessed life, so in reading Mr. Monkelban's words -- his description of how he enjoys the same hobbies as you and I -- I realized that I had never thought of what that must be like.

I get the feeling many of you are in the same boat. It's simply too easy to take your comfortable life for granted."

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silky3687d ago

It is easy to forget the struggles that some people have to go through every day, it brings gaming and life in general into perspective. I have the utmost respect for anyone in a similar situation who shows such perseverance. We are, at the end of the day, all equal human beings!

Andronix3687d ago

A friend's friend of mine only has the use of one hand, it doesn't stop him from playing computer and video games. What is a barrier is lazy programmers who only implement one or two sets of button controls. Invariably these fixed plans make certain games unplayable. I know it is unintentional, but it is discriminating against those with special needs. Why be lazy? Every game should have 100% customisable controls for those who have disabilities.

xecutey3687d ago

This is a very good article and well worth a read.

THWIP3687d ago

...I thought was going to be a story about PS3 owners. :o

snakebite363687d ago

I am a PS3 owner, but that was funny nonetheless.