5 Videogames That Would Make Excellent Movies

Robert at GameSpew: With Tomb Raider being the latest videogame to get the movie adaptation treatment (again), we can't help but think about all the other games we'd like to see films of.

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Xenophon_York257d ago

This is definitely an example of a video game that could easily be a box office success AS LONG AS Sony Pictures pumps plenty of TALENT and financial resources into it.

Director potentials:

Kathryn Bigelow, Peter Jackson, Jordan Peele, Guillermo del Toro, Christopher Nolan, Ang Lee

Actor potential for Nathan Drake:

Mark Wahlberg
Robert Downey Jr
Hugh Jackman
Tom Cruise
Matt Damon
Tom Hardy
Ryan Reynolds
Jake Gyllanhal

Potentials for Sam Drake:

Daniel Day-Lewis (retired?)
Liam Neeson
Jude Law
Ralph Fiennes
Sean Penn
Matthew McConaughey

fufivupi257d ago

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nowitzki2004257d ago

Please no. Movies are garbage and can just ruin the reputation of some of these franchises.

SuperSonic91256d ago

Hollywood movies don't know how to tel a good story compared to video games experience.

KickSpinFilter257d ago

What a lousy list!
Star Wars Battlefront 2!???!!???? See: Star Wars!
Uncharted? see: Romancing the Stone, and Indiana Jones. Come on.
Then The Last of Us is not even on the list? Probably one of the best choices to go from game to movie.

SegaGamer256d ago

No, games made into films suck, they are never good.

Xenophon_York254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

-Silent Hill
-Tomb Raider
-Final Fantasy
-Resident Evil

Careful with those absolutisms.

SegaGamer254d ago

Yeah, like i said, all terrible.

Xenophon_York254d ago

Popular opinion isn't on your side.

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