Dead Space Video Comparison - 720p

See how the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of EA's sci-fi horror title compare.

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strotee3327d ago

Here we go again.

Only difference I saw was the 360 was brighter, hard to say if adjustments on the TV, in-game would have made them identical. Otherwise, I saw no differences, then again, I never broke out the magnifying glass.

Mr_Bun3327d ago

These comparisons are getting ridiculous. Are they trying to imply that if I have a PS3, but the 360 version of a game looks slightly better, that I am going to buy another console just for the minor visual difference that may or may not be seen on MY television?

NO_PUDding3327d ago

To be fair the PS3 version looked better.

Better contrast, better colour. Especially when it (the PS3 screen) cuts in when 'Isaac' is running away.

Beast_Master3327d ago

I barely see a difference. I like the darker PS3 version but that could be the just the contrast on the tv.

anh_duong3327d ago

the version that looks best depends not on the actual version but on the eyesight of the player and the TV and setup of the user.

DARKKNIGHT3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


when i play on my xbr5 with all my custom settings, my screen looks WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy better than what these SO-CALLED journalists put up.

then ill turn OFF: theater mode, motion flow, rgb unlimited, and superwhite and a laundry list of other video options OFF....and still end up with a better picture than what is posted by these sites.

When will the b1rds#1t from these birds, cease to cover the gaming industry?

Statix3327d ago

Usually, in such video comparisons, we see the 360 version have deeper colors and an overall darker gamma. However, in this case, we clearly see that it's the other way around, for once. This is probably because the testers actually did the right thing and turned on the "Full Range" option on the PS3 settings, and they also seemed to set the 360's black level setting to too low of a setting (yes, the 360 has Range controls as well).

SRU96003327d ago

I always purchase multiplatform games for my 360 for one very important reason: the controller.

I hate the PS3's controller, plain and simple.

I have to deal with it when playing PS3 exclusives, but I will not use it if I don't have to.

dantesparda3327d ago

I dont care what anybody says, i like these comparisons. The games look the same, the PS3 is actually darker, and therefore looks more colorful, but you really cant judge the graphics on that basis, because you dont know how their color settings are or the systems output is. But they look the same.

JsonHenry3327d ago

I think they looked the same.

If you want to do a real comparison - compare the console versions vs the PC version. And when you do you will know why I am buying the PC version! : )

Seriously - who cares? Just get it for whatever console you have. And if you have both get it for he one you think has the better controls.

No Way3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

These video comparisons are for two things.
1. It allows multi console owners to decide which version they'd rather pick up based on visuals. Or, if it shows framerate differences, or whatever else these stupid video comparisons show.

2. It's bragging rights for fanboys to say that their console version looks better.. even though half the time you can't tell the difference.

himdeel3327d ago

...of what could be when a developer actually puts forth the proper effort so one game on two different systems are mirror identical versions of each other. Looks the same to my untrained eyes. Good job EA.

Jacobite3327d ago

Thought both looked good lol or that just me

DaTruth3327d ago

360 version looks better... to 360 fanboys. The PS3 version looks better... to PS3 fanboys. The versions look identical to real gamers, but we didn't bother to watch.

GUNS N SWORDS3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

i saw no differences, well, only 1 thing, when Isaac was escaping the 360 version looked brighter. but, if you look at the vid again it's cause of the smoke effects. that was the only thing i saw.

red5ive3326d ago

my god, this game is scary as hell!!! gonna have to pick up a copy later. on which system? i'll never tell. lol.

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timmyrulz3327d ago

I thought the atmosphere on the ps3 version seemed brighter but everything else looked the same (apart from the extra 3 stars on the x360 version )

SeanScythe3327d ago

yea same here although the ps3 had more space then the 360 did.......get it more space.

Antan3327d ago

Good luck to our resident specialist opticians on N4G who seem to be able to see things others do not.

Looking with my eyes i say........................... everyones a winner.

bouncybullet3327d ago

Tv settings would make it identical.

That video was so choppy.

at least on my machine.

No Way3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Yea. I know, right? They should get payed for that sht. Just like.. analysts. They get payed for BSing. Haha. =)

Yea.. It was choppy on mine, as well.

Heaven_Or_Hell3327d ago

Maybe the PS3 has a better contrast in the end of the video...
Anyway it's pretty the same thanks to the leading on PS3

Leading on PS3 then port the game to 360 is a lot easier and it's a win-win situation for both consoles

dachiefsman3327d ago

hopefully that stays true with MGS4.

MiloGarret3327d ago

Identical, stop imagining things, all you accomplish is to attract flamers.

dachiefsman3327d ago

not very good with sarcasm are yea....

dachiefsman3327d ago

these aren't necessary any more.

No Way3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

They never were...

They've pretty much always been used for one thing. And, that would be for fanboys to have bragging rights about how much their console version looks better.