7 Ladies in Lace That’ll Heat up Your Games

All kinds of fashion choices can be intimidating in games. Even lace can be a power play when worn by the right woman! Here are seven who know how to rock their signature looks.

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Fist4achin131d ago

Stop looking at them. Youre offending them. Next thing you know, video game characters are going to start the #pixelatedmetoo movement.

Wh1teLightning130d ago

*lol* Thanks I needed a laugh...

PhantomS42131d ago

"She's been called the Bayonetta before Bayonetta"

Nobody has ever called her that because everyone is in agreement that BulletWitch doesn't actually exist because it was that terrible.

xX1NORM1Xx130d ago

how slow must news be that this shit ends up here?