Gaming Age Online: Dead Space Review

In the end, Gaming Age Online can say there will only be a handful of gamer types who won't appreciate what Dead Space has to offer. Either you don't like horror games/movies, you want multiplayer action, or you have no inner kid in you that allows you to be scared and let your imagination run away with you. If you meet any of these above criteria, you won't "get" Dead Space. That being said, this is the most fun they've had being scared in a video game since they first encountered the 'dog scene' in Resident Evil. The game is very pretty, draws you in with it's sound, atmosphere, and story, plays wonderfully, and is diverse enough from chapter to chapter where you feel like you are not playing similar missions (like Assassin's Creed). Gaming Age Online can't recommend Dead Space enough; it is already up for their GOTY vote, and with a crowded line up of games coming soon, that is a bold statement.

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kittoo3687d ago

And since there are less and less games in this genre, I am super happy and excited to see a new IP getting great reviews.