Movie directors who seriously should be making games

For better or worse, games and films are converging more all the time, and the biggest outcome of the media cross-over so far is the number of movie directors setting up game projects. Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg and Zach Snyder have all either dabbled or are about to, and we can't see the trend ending any time soon. are not thoroughly convinced though. How differently would any of these projects really have turned out without the big name on the box? And did any of them really feel like the work of their filmic overseer? Now, we're fully aware that film and game production are two very different disciplines, but we think that cinematic talent can certainly be utilised better than it has been so far. So here's our list of directors we really want making games, and what we want to see from them. Only two rules; our choices can't have done games before, and we're not going to discuss licensing their existing movies.

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