Xbox One is a Lost Generation of Exclusive IP For Microsoft

One of the most unfortunate stories of this past console generation is how Xbox One has mightily struggled to produce impactful new IP while also having trouble with the brand’s existing icons as well.

Microsoft's biggest problem this generation has been a lack of quality exclusives for the Xbox One. And it may take years to reverse that course.

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I think people give MS too much credit by suggesting this problem only existed since the beginning of this generation.

MS started so well last gen, but for the last 3 years of the 360 they only released more HALO, GoW and Forza and took no chances at all. Their approach to games development on XB1 is simply carrying on from how they ended the last generation yet their hard-core fan base gives them a constant pass on behaviour they ought to be unhappy about.

gamer7804170d ago

AAA game dev takes 3-4 years on average, unfortunately its not a problem they noticed at the beginning having gears halo Forza, it will take some time but hoping this year's e3 will be filled with big titles coming to MS

G20WLY170d ago

It's not a problem they noticed?! Are you crazy?

Scheduling would have shown this. These companies have rolling schedules covering many years, possibly understanding some projects release windows for the entire lifetime of a console.

There is NO excuse. They more likely figured they'd get by on loyalty and they underestimated the intelligence of (in particular) the modern American consumer, who buy what they think is 'best', not what they think is 'American'.

gamer7804169d ago

Grammar not the best on my post. I meant unfortunately they didn't realize it as a potential problem and relied only on gears Halo forza.

Emme167d ago

What they need to do is shift attention from One S to One X, and they need darn good arguments, which means, games that blow You away visually. And that is hard because the PS Pro doesnt look that much worse in game.

PhoenixUp170d ago

The saddest most pathetic thing is that Microsoft pulled a lot of first party support from Xbox 360 in its latter years to focus primarily on Xbox One...yet when you look at Xbox One’s first party support currently as it stands 😒

Goldby170d ago

its cuz theya re doign the same for the NeXtbox

ILostMyMind169d ago

As I said before, MS was successful in the past generation due to the Sony's inicial mistakes. MS has never been a good console maker.

sprinterboy169d ago

Agreed, MS since coming into the gaming space with the original Xbox/360 has had about 9yrs of a good run, since about 2010 its been dire regarding exclusives/new ips

Tross169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

@LoveSpuds You can actually often see the signs of whether a system will be successful before it's even released, just by examining what's going on with its predecessor late in its lifespan. Sure, that doesn't paint a full picture as there are factors to consider such as whether a company will try a new tactic or specifics about hardware, but if a console manufacturer continues on the same trajectory it's actually possible to at least hypothesize how things will go for them next gen.

All of the big three have actually had a similar blunder. The woes of the Wii U and Vita actually weren't all that surprising based on how their predecessors were late in their lifespans. What you said about the 360 is true. It was a success thanks to initially having excellent software support, which boosted sales. Later on it was lacking in support but it already had a large userbase and its existing library drew in a steady flow of new adopters so from MS's standpoint, it was a success. The XB1 just didn't have that initial boost the 360 had and now it's struggling to compete. It's faring much better than the Wii U and Vita did, but it's still not doing nearly as well as the 360 did.

From the available data we can hypothesize the event of MS producing a new console (for which we will have to wait and see), their next system will still struggle to gain relevance. In fact, it may be even more difficult for it to get a foothold. MS really needs to turn things around if they want success in the console market. Judging by the way they've been trending and various statements from Phil Spencer and other MS executives, they may not care all that much about the console market anymore, but only time will tell. If they do want to take another stab at it though, they have their work cut out for them if they want it to be a successful stab.

Emme167d ago

Its easy to see why xbox struggles: every game looks and plays better on Playstation, period. If someone is a hardcore gamer or a casual, doesnt matter, the money is spend for the best experience,not the second best. For xbox and playstation, only technical power decides who lives or dies. If the next xbox isnt technically equal or better than ps5, its DOA, mark my words.

gamer7804166d ago

I would probably wait until we are alot closer to the end of this generation and see what their first party lineup looks like before we can hypothesize

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