Is Activision Teasing a Spyro the Dragon Announcement?

Activision just unleashed what appears to be a rather ouvert tease of an impending Spyro the Dragon-related announcement.

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Marcello225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

This has to be real, i really really think this is happening now.

Abriael225d ago

Exactly. This is not in any shape or form a new twitter member. It's an account owned by Activision that was renamed and protected.

Marcello225d ago

Yea this is proof enough for me.

8 or 9 other game websites have received the same egg in the post. Guesses are there will be 12 in total as there were 12 in the first game. This is all way way too elaborate for some childish troll.

Relientk77225d ago

I'm just waiting for the announcement

We're getting Spyro back and I couldn't be more excited

showtimefolks225d ago

Are we gonna get an announcement now or E3

Profchaos225d ago

Some guy trolled and said an announcement was happening in March which it didn't but the funny thing about trolls is that sometimes it forces a companies hand e.g GTA vice city stories was not official someone made some artwork which Rockstar denounced but shortly announced the game because of the troll

Majin-vegeta225d ago

Maybe be trolled us to throw us off?🤔🤔🤔 ;🤔🤔🤔

-Foxtrot225d ago

Probably before'll be released this year and I'm guessing it won't be long after E3

I highly doubt they'll want to release it at the end of the year with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Spiderman and I'm guessing a shit load of other games. Not to mention Red Dead Redemption 2

NiteX225d ago

I'd wager you can expect a full trailer this month. Maybe even next week.

Profchaos225d ago

If I remember right when crash was announced it was just the logo at E3 and it took 9 months before we saw any footage

Profchaos225d ago

I'm so excited by this remake I love crash but it pales in comparison to Spyro IMO

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