4 No Man's Sky NEXT Features That'll Make it the Game We Were Sold

Twinfinite writes:

Hello Games has just announced that No Man's Sky is getting a massive NEXT update this summer. Here's what we're hoping to see.

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joab777253d ago

Seems like the perfect fit.

KillZallthebeast253d ago

When is this paid beta going to finish so I can play it?

SoulMikeY253d ago

PUBG? Not sure, no end in sight.

roadkillers253d ago

I feel this way a little bit. I haven't purchased the game because I was at Basic Training and when I got back everyone was complaining how empty the world is. I am holding off on purchasing until I start hearing people say how good this game is (ala FFXIV where everyone said it was garbage then 2 years later it is great).

Artemidorus253d ago

Complete waste of an article it's guessing work.

zcmilano253d ago

guesswork? It's a gamers opinion on what they want to see, lol. Nobody said it was a preview of NEXT.

munnyndonuts253d ago

Lol it's a list of features we want to see in the update/would make the game even better. Idk what you were expecting, but thanks for reading.

corroios253d ago

please not again with this.

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The story is too old to be commented.