World Of Goo Demo Available - The popular new Wii game also has a demo available for PC users to check out. Apparently, it's really good.

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BrotherNick3628d ago


Charmers3628d ago

I tried it and regretted it, damn what is it with this cutesy crap these days. I am sorry but I don't want to play this kind of crap on my PC.

TheIneffableBob3628d ago

Try and look past the art style if you don't like it. Underneath is an excellent game.

GVON3628d ago

it's brilliant,defiantly getting the wii version

Captain_Sony3627d ago

Yeah great game but probably too much for the casual(I think I am hardcore) crowd.

TheIneffableBob3627d ago

Actually, it's perfect for the hardcore crowd.

World of Goo is not an easy game.

TheIneffableBob3627d ago

Ah, I misread that comment.

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DevastationEve3628d ago

There's a funny quote from Superbad said by Officer Michaels that could be used right about now...

Product3628d ago

i like the art style looks like something Tim Burton would do.

Jdoki3627d ago

Don't bother with this demo!!!

Just buy the full game.

It costs almost nothing and REALLY should be a GOTY contender.