Final Fantasy XIII's Snow Unveiled

For the longest time we only knew him as Mr.33CM, well, no more! A scan from next week's jump issue confirms that Final Fantasy XIII's blonde guy is called Snow, so now we have Lightning, Snow and Sera.

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CloudsEnd3710d ago

Btw, Snow is a pretty cute name for a guy. Lol.

Forbidden_Darkness3710d ago


Hey, from Cloud(s)come Snow! Their teasing us!

Maybe Snow is Clouds brother or something?

TheColbertinator3710d ago

Too American name.They should call him Chud,Gortz or Nasim

die_fiend3710d ago

Christ your English is poor. What are you even trying to say? Is Snow an American name? I've never heard of anyone called Snow

TheColbertinator3710d ago

I've met people called Snow,Summer,April,Gale,Sunshin e,Autumn,and Skye

AAACE53709d ago

Snow has changed alot since the last time we've seen him! I wonder if he still remembers the words to his song... "INFORMER... iudbfwegfvgubruvbrvbghvugvewew ubviubvbvibvib9eruhVILCV... BOOM,BOOM DOWN! LOL...

juuken3710d ago

Lol, Snow.
They might as well call the next character Snowflakes. >.>

KingArth3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

in italian Sera means evening :)

ps.:im italian :) when i saw the trailer with italian lines i was like OMG O_O lol

Thula3709d ago

Idem XD
Btw Snow it the worst name ever .__."

Keele3710d ago

Snow sucks balls.

What the hell is that?

My guess is they're running out of names.

I prefer one of those generic jap names or some normal name over that.



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The story is too old to be commented.