Top 10 Female Video Game Characters

Ulvespill writes; It’s nothing new that female characters in video games might be a little sexist. But in the last years and a lot of discussion around the subject, does the female characters gain more respect and “…

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Gaming10177d ago

It's missing Aloy, which quite frankly is a better character than Lara Croft and all the others on the list. Mostly because she needs skill, intelligence and weapons to succeed. Chloe Frazer on the other hand is completely unrealistic as a female character as she easily out muscles waves upon waves of trained combat soldiers. Lara Croft does the same thing and she's a skinny little chick with no muscle but performs unbelievable physical feats. At least make it slightly realistic!

mav80576d ago

I stopped playing Horizon because Aloy failed to keep me interested at all. Gameplay was really good, protag was a bore.

FullmetalRoyale77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

For sure. But I found Yennefer to be a much more interesting character, overall.

AnubisG77d ago

Lara Croft #1 as it should be!!

Mutant-Spud77d ago

I would have put Leliana from Dragon Age on the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.