LittleBigPlanet has 'won over cynical critics'

MCV: Sony celebrates critical success of landmark PS3 title

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TheHater3685d ago

I have yet to see a commercial of this game from Sony. I seen one from gamestop, but not Sony. One thing Sony fails at is Marketing their exclusive games such as MGS4, LBP, Socom, Resistance 2 and others.

resistance1003685d ago

There have been adverts in Zoo and Nuts for a few weeks now

AngryHippo3685d ago

....if Sony really wants this game to do as well as it could, they need the market it extremely well. In my honest opinion, they have not done anything worthwhile in marketing Little Big Plannet. This is Sony's hottest title this fall with great reviews, WAKE UP SONY, MARKET IT SO EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT IT, and then it may just get the sales it deserves.

sackboy says hi3685d ago

sackboy says i dont need marketing, i am the type of game that will have be popular with out t.v adds bcuz i am a ground breaking innovating game..... sackboy says 21 if only a few days away

getready for me... :D

Wildarmsjecht3685d ago

MGS4 was marketed by Konami for the most part. Aside from the Sony based commercials that displayed the upcoming titles, they never had their own MGS4 commercial per se.

LBP had 2 commercials. One through Gamestop that aired on just about every channel and showed the fun and platform side of the game, while displaying the fact that you can get a Kratos costume if you pre-order through gamestop

And the other I just saw last nite, which was an official Sony one, where the sackboys/girls were traversing through various levels and the over voice was of a guy exlpaining what fun was. It was actually a good commercial.

HighDefinition3685d ago

I think LBP will be marketed more, AFTER it`s release. People need to see it first, then the commercials will get them real hype.

Also "word of mouth" will be a HUGE marketing tool for this game, like I said people need to play/see it to believe it. I think as time goes by AFTER release, sales will pick up more and more.

Mr_Bun3685d ago

Agreed...most games sell the most during the first week, but I think that this game will actually gain momentum and sales will increase after people start seeing it/playing it!

HighDefinition3685d ago


Some games need to be EXPIERENCED to gain "casuals" attention. LBP is one of the only games my "casual gamer" friends have played that they instantly feel in love with. Thanks a million.

man0fsteel3685d ago

I saw them for the first time this sunday on Viacom channels (MTV, VH1) they were running quite frequently. And I barely watch TV as it is. Plus my local Blockbuster showcases the game right next to all of the blu-ray titles near the entrance. Then I noticed adds on myspace, and yahoo. All in all I think they are doing a decent job with marketing

kindi_boy3685d ago

you need to read about marketing
there is a difference between marketing and advertising.

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Transporter473685d ago

lol, if kids see some commercials about this game they are going to be like mommy i want to play that game, and they are going to be wait i need a ps3 not a wii lol, hey just trying to be funny, don't take offense XD

Perjoss3685d ago

yeah i can imagine many parents in game stores "do you have that wii game little big planet?" it seems like it belongs on the wii more than on the ps3 because of its kiddy design. It is very cool how it can be played by kids and adults alike, kids focusing more on the game itself and adults on the creation side of the game.

3685d ago
Keele3685d ago

Lol, too bad this AAA title already got an 8.8 so much for 100 percent guys.

Enjoy it.

I'll be waiting for Yahtzee's review for the laffs.

dkgshiz3685d ago

ign gave it a 9.5. No need to care about generic site reviews.

3685d ago
Keele3685d ago

I said this on some other comment and I'll say this again. They're only non-important because they gave it an 8.8 had they given it a 10 they'd be important.

WHAT'S MY SUPPOSEDLY AWESOME MACHINE? Don't talk like you know crap you damn moron.


It doesn't matter what it was against, IT WAS STILL AN 8.8 AND IT STILL COUNTS.


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juuken3685d ago

You're a psycho dude. o_o;
Did this game break you in half or something?

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Sarcasm3685d ago

Got my copy pre-ordered and just 6 more days to go. Cant wait.

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