8 Reasons to Not Sleep on Mad Max this PS Plus Month

Sometimes it isn’t enough for a game to be good. Sometimes there are other circumstances which affect its success, be it release schedule, competition or maybe even genre fatigue. In the case of Mad Max, the open world action game from Avalanche Studios, it was a perfect storm of all of the above.

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PhoenixUp77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Most slept on this game when it first came out because it had the nerve to release the same day Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Day came out

MadMax77d ago

That's because the Lord Humongous rules the wasteland!!!! Now you must play it my friend!

Goldenhawk52177d ago

That's too bad. Atleast I didn't sleep on mine, cuz then I'd have to go back to the store to buy another one. *^-^*

WilliamSheridan77d ago

I bought it for 5$ on a digital sale. Honestly, it was a waste of money. Game has potential but just doesn't get there...

Nu76d ago

Fist of the North anime was inspired by Mad Max films. I think of Mad Max as the western take on Fist of the North

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gangsta_red77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Mad Max is definitely a game that should have had MP implemented. Customizing cars, forming factions, taking over oil fields, escorting gas caravans, attacking another factions gas escort and just all sorts of multi player ideas for a game like this.

jgreen199377d ago

You know, I've never thought about that, you're right would've been awesome

boing177d ago

Ha! I've had the same minute I started playing. It has so much online potential. That would be awesome.

Adirzzz77d ago

Lol I don't get why the downvotes ... great Idea never thought about that tbh could be cool, maybe in a sequel ? :D

alexgibson77d ago

Stoked this has come to PS Plus because I confess that I did sleep on it when MGSV launched.

jagermaster61977d ago

The funny thing is I thought it was better than MGSV!

Goldenhawk52177d ago

Did you sleep on that game ALONE? That must have hurt if u did. I like to sleep on a mattress and with a pillow atleast.

timotim77d ago

Ive never played it myself, but its apart of Game Pass so I think I might give it a go one of these days.

jgreen199377d ago

It's a good one to just put on for an hour at a time, check off some boxes

Razzer77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It is a damn good game. The car battles are fun as hell. Very underrated. Getting it off Game brainer.

WilliamSheridan77d ago

I bought it for 5$ on a sale, and I don't think I got my moneys worth out of it.

It's just missing something

boing177d ago (Edited 77d ago )

This is the game because of which I didn't finish Phantom Pain. Bought it without any expectations and it became one the nicest experiences I've had at that time. Really solid game.

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The story is too old to be commented.