An Awesome Modded Portable Dreamcast

A modder has created one of the best mods anyone will ever see. He took a child's toy and created a working portable Sega Dreamcast. It must be seen to be believed. There are a lot of pictures and even a video of the handheld in action.

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TheColbertinator3684d ago

Cool device but I think when PSP got DC emulators,the ides of a portable Dreamcast became obsolete

penguinhunter3684d ago

At least the analog stick is better on the mod than the PSP

Ridrick3684d ago

DC emulator not running well even on decent modern PC, so forgot PSP.

ParaDise_LosT3684d ago

a dreamcast :O
PSO + handheld = orgasm :P

TheROsingleB3684d ago

This is pretty awesome, I haven't even read the article yet :O

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