BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount is Bind to Account

So you went to Blizzcon and got that juicy Blizzcon 2008 Card with a beta key for an unknown upcoming game and a Big Blizzard Bear Mount code right? Well, what the heck are you waiting for to redeem that mount? runs WoW players through redeeming the exclusive Polar Bear Mount, and includes images of the process. They also reveal that the mount is Bind to Account, meaning that the item can be shared around all the characters on a player's account. This is the first time an item has been given the new "Bind to Account" tag, and many other items will be shareable between characters once the expansion has launched.

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thetamer2839d ago

I hate twats. But I love epic mounts.

Leord2839d ago

What's wrong with twats?

Maticus2839d ago

This isn't just any epic mount, it's something that will be immensely popular, and very rare, especially on EU realms. Players there will have to put up with the constant whispers of "Where did you get that from?!".

Leord2839d ago

I will SO be having both Mini-Diablo and Mini-Tyrael. I just wish I could have them out at the same time =(

Maticus2839d ago

Mini Diablo is very rare now. A lot of people that got it don't play any more.

Medievaldragon2839d ago

That's a cool mount. Nice attention grabber at the front of the bank / AH. lol

Maticus2838d ago

Indeed, I'll be having mine out whenever possible. The only one that's rarer will be the Spectral Tiger. I'd kill for that :P

AndyA2839d ago

Great that this can be shared between characters

Maticus2838d ago

Yes, which makes it slightly less rare thinking about it. But you can only play 1 character at a time I guess.

Medievaldragon2838d ago

Well, let's say you decide to level a Death Knight once the expansion comes out. And your guild wants you to make that death knight your main character. However, you used the polar bear mount code on your previous main-character, which is now an alt replaced by the death knight.

Wasted mount ... except now its bound to account and you can share it around your alts. there you go.