Bioware Claims the Studio Would Have Been Closed Without EA Acquisition

At this year’s Havencon, an LGBTQ-centric gaming convention, a Dragon Age panel revealed information about the series’ development, and the status of developer Bioware at the time of its acquisition by EA in 2007.

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1-pwnsause-1230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Bullshit. You also had Microsoft to support you back then... sounds like more EA fud....

TheCommentator229d ago (Edited 229d ago )


The first Mass Effect was great. So was KOTOR.

BigWan78229d ago

Microsoft actually worked well with Rare..

Star Wars: Knights of Old Republic
Jade Empire
Mass Effect

its said that Microsoft left Bioware alone and let them build those games the way they wanted...

old school Microsoft was very developer friendly... and not always bothering them

Kikutaro229d ago

Yeah,Microsoft did a really good job at bringing Rare from being one of the best studio in world during the n64 era to a C Tier developer that keep bumping out tech demos and a mediocre pirates game

_-EDMIX-_229d ago

Microsoft is notorious for having developers not want to work with them so something tells me it's not an accident that BioWare still held the Mass Effect intellectual property when Electronic Arts came knocking on their door ,you have to question why exactly wasn't Microsoft asking to buy BioWare? Or maybe they did and bioware's parent company said no or something.

So I don't believe Microsoft was at arm's length because there are nice developer I believe it's because BioWare or the parent company refused a buyout from Microsoft as Microsoft only job at the time was simply to fund something they were making and not to control the property.

For all we know the second Microsoft control the intellectual property Mass Effect probably would have been some sort of Halo clone.

I think Mass Effect is only the way it is now because BioWare cap the intellectual property and it was not sold to Microsoft.

Keep in mind that with the development team owning the property it also means that the Leverage is on their side it is Microsoft that has to beg for the game to appear on the 360...

There was nothing Microsoft actually had that they could hold against BioWare so it looked like a lot of the negotiating was in their favor please don't try to make it sound as if Microsoft was this Sweet Angel those deals only happen that way because someone else owned the damn property.

All you have to do is look at the rest of the games that Microsoft has published when they actually own the property.....

DJStotty229d ago


you mean mass effect 1 the best in the series (microsoft involvement)

as oppose to mass effect 2/3/andromeda (without microsoft involvement)

You are right Mass effect is what it is now without microsoft involvement, which is entries in the series not even worth the bargain bin price.

1-pwnsause-1229d ago

Regardless on what state Microsoft is in right now with studios, I’m pretty sure that if bioware pursued it, they would’ve been locked with them for the rest of that generation..

NeoGamer232229d ago

At the time MS was changing gears towards Kinect so they probably weren't fully committed to Mass Effect 2 yet. And they were funding Dragon Age on their own. Also, Dragon Age was a multi-platform title that would have deterred MS from taking Bioware onto their own payroll.

It is quite conceivable that just as Mass Effect was launching and Dragon Age was at the peak of its development that they would have cash issues. It is not cheap to develop new IPs, especially a large RPG IP.

TheCommentator229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

The headline should read, "Bioware Should Have Been Closed After EA Acquisition."

They've been going downhill with every release, IMO. Sadly, I still want Anthem to be really freaking good but I don't expect too much from it at the moment.

nommers229d ago

Better EA than MS if you want to at least have your franchises live rather than fall into complete obscurity or never see the light of day. That’s the one positive thing EA has, even if they contaminate great games or would-be great games with shady practices they’ll at least get the damned game out in some form. MS is just where everyone goes to die off. The Florida of the video game industry.

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FallenAngel1984229d ago

But EA had the support of Microsoft behind it at the time

bluefox755229d ago

Probably would have been a better ending.

Lamboomington229d ago

Better than ME3's ending for sure xD

but seriously, the ME series as a whole was amazing. I'm not going to simply jump on the EA hate bandwagon for this one.

Myst-Vearn229d ago

"At this year’s Havencon, an LGBTQ-centric gaming convention, a Dragon Age panel..."

And this is one of the reasons Bioware stopped making good games.

bigmalky229d ago

They did bring in that expert gamer of what, 2 years, Sarkeesian to meet with the Bioware team on Anthem...

Bad tidings ahead. Try asking real gamers what they want, instead of herding in people who want to spit in fan's faces.

Same shit happened with Star Wars and look at the reception it's getting from movies, to games, to toys.

bigmalky229d ago

Either the idiot, downvoting trolls have created multiple accounts, we have an influx of dumb Sarkeesian followers, or all the sane people have gone to bed.

_-EDMIX-_229d ago

@big- there's no reason to begin name-calling I don't get why people have this obsession with wanting everyone to agree with them so much to the point of claiming multiple accounts must exist because everybody doesn't agree with them I mean you have to understand that is 100% believable that not everybody agrees with your statements.

Multiple people don't agree with my statements as well but that's okay they're allowed to disagree with me there's no need to try to call people idiots or claim they must be making fake Accounts at some sort of disbelief that multiple people don't agree with you a question it's even more strange to assume that your opinion is 100% some sort of gospel that should be agreed upon lol

I don't get mad when people don't agree with me because I completely 100% understand and respect that somebody has the ability to disagree with me.

Some people agree and some people disagree that's life....

So please consider this it is 100% feasible that a large amount of people can disagree with a statement that I make ...

They are not idiots, they are not fake accounts, most likely it is just feasible that we just disagree with each other and that's completely fine it's what being a grown-up is all about , you can't just get so angry because someone doesn't see everything your way it just shows your immaturity.

Mithan229d ago

Sarkeesian did a tour of the office from what I understand, nothing more or less. If Bioware did bring her in to actually offer some advice on the game, then they are stupid and deserve whatever happens to them. From what I hear (few friends work their), the Bioware offices have become a place where politics now thrives. Instead of people making games, it is a place where certain people are in the office to push social agendas and the other people generally roll their eyes but STFU about it because if they say anything they will be escorted out of the office soon after. Of course, maybe I heard wrong, who knows anymore.

This is why their games are starting to suck maybe? Mass Effect Andromeda and the last Dragon Age were nothing to write home about.

Eonjay229d ago

I used to borderline hate Anita until I realized that it's a form of groupthink brainwashing to hate people based on their opinion. I just think It is a waste of time. And, I would be demanded if I ever let myself feel like I have to have the same opinion as everyone else. She can thin in what she wants. Screw it. I don't have to believe her. I'm not afraid of her and I hope the people she meets feel the same as me.

bigmalky229d ago (Edited 229d ago )


It is not brainwashing. Anita Sarkeesian lied about being a gamer of many years. She robbed her crowdfunded coffers and delivered nothing. She has constantly berated men in the industry and in general from uninformed opinions. She has tried to bully developers into making games that match her political mindset, instead of taking up education in game development and making her own games.

This is all fact. There is no brainwashing here... Just dislike for a woman that is vile, manipulative and on the wrong side of feminism. Feminism is not a system to control what men do, but to create equal ground... Which I am all for. She is detestable enough to make sensible people dislike her without peer pressure to do so. The same goes with the rest of the clowns that try and hijack established mediums for their own agendas.

TricksterArrow229d ago

Nah. Sarkeesian is bad, but people in 2018 hearing "gay" and making a fuss about it is getting a bit boring already.

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coolbeans229d ago

What? Attending LGBTQ-centric gaming conventions should raise some kind of alarm of a game's quality?

I'd implore you to be *very* cautious of what you're insinuating--in no way regarding moderation history just account history/decency.

Eonjay229d ago

Only an idiot would have access to the information that lead to Andromeda's downfall and arrive to the conclusion that 'it's the gays' fault.

Tru_Blu229d ago

No but when you twist in the wind in every direction because you want to 'include' everyone or not offend anyone it's no longer a work of art. It's SJW bullshit that no one wants a part off.

Eonjay229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

Your fear of inclusion is insane. Should gay people only want to play a game with gay characters and not straight people included. That is insane. Thats freaking insane. Who even thinks about if something is too inclusive? Maybe its because I live in a city like 85% of Americans and we are used to seeing 'other people' everywhere and we don't freak out like someone is tying to 'replace us'. Of course there are nuts out there but the moment you hear 'gay' and start freaking out... you have a problem with people who aren't you and that weird and unhealthy.

Swiftfox229d ago

Didn't Dragon Age have a courtship system featuring characters on the LGBTQ spectrum? Isn't it possible LGBTQ fans of the franchise want to talk with people involved with the game to discuss the implementation of the characters and maybe hear what the team will be doing in the future with those type of characters or ask general questions about the franchise? You know--like fans? I mean if the team is including those sorts of characters wouldn't it be nice to get them right? Especially if Bioware's shown the same respect for non-LGBTQ characters.

Anywho I'm pretty sure Bioware is making poor games now because a lot of their best talent left with the founders around the end of Mass Effect 3--not because they hold open conversations with LGBTQ fans.

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