CliffyB - Gears of War 2 "definitely not" Coming to PC

Gameplayer spoke with Gears of War 2 lead designer CliffyB today and unearthed the info that unlike the original, there is no way the sequel will come to PC. He also mentions its dismal PS3 potential. See inside for details.

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SlappingOysters3686d ago

Not looking good for PC is it? I love my PC, but I stopping thinking about upgrades two years ago because I just never found myself with anything undeniable to play on it.

dro3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

haha,yh owns pc gaing and if they will relase gears2 on pc it will only help ms. cliffy is just chatting sh1t like he dose %75 of the time;gears2 will come to pc but only like 4-7 months later when it is relased on the 360.

just how halo wars will come to pc, and halo4,alan wake...e.t.c. ...

ms always like to relase there games on pc and 360 bcuz it will help them both for him working with the ps3 its likely never to happen since ms has filled his pocket with cash that can by the white house(u understand y i said that;ITS M$ -$$$$$-) ;-D!!!.. XD

edit.. lol @ digagree....i bet its 360 fan boys who are angry that gears 2 will b coming to pc, its gona happen, he might not say it but it will loves doing that.!!!

SCThor3686d ago

is up to MS or Epic to decite it.

El_Colombiano3686d ago

This guy is trying to lie to his paying customers. He is pathetic. I will play this game on my PC half a year from now.

Fishy Fingers3686d ago

I actually tend to believe Epic this time around. Gears was hardly a success on the PC compared to the 360 and any PC work going on behind closed doors is surely more focussed towards UE4.

One thing I noticed though. "Gears of War could work on PS3, but we don’t think our publisher would be too happy with that.", guess all the PS3 couldn't handle Gears of war claims on the forums were a little off.

3686d ago
nice_cuppa3686d ago

it's called sarcasm dude !

cliffy is taking the p1ss !

Fishy Fingers3686d ago

How do you work that out? That's like me saying Gears is coming to the PC because "definitely not" is sarcasm also.

He's not being sarcastic, he is simply being honest.

JokesOnYou3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I tend to believe him for the exact same reason, Gears didn't sell to well on PC, in fact many of the 360 games that end up on PC don't sell all that well, sure its a few extra dollars in micro's pocket either way since their the publisher but while "porting" isn't nearly as expensive as making the game from the ground up on a console, its still definitely a time/cost vs profit situation where I don't think its very profitable from devs/Epics point of view to port the game over unless the game really sells well on PC.

As for him saying the game can be done on ps3, its a no brainer, sure it will no doubt need to be done differently and may cost more to get the same results but it CAN be done, just like ANY game on either console can be done on the other with the right dev working on it. Only children under 12 truly believe that it isn't possible to make game X on ps3 or 360 with very minor differences....well of course extreme fanboys of all ages fall for that BS hype too.


va_bank3686d ago


I just finished Gears on PC - the game was seriously broken. Thank God for users who know how to tweak the Unreal engine - I was actually able to play it after applying "fixes" found on internet forums.

My point is that I think that had something to do with the game not being successful on PC.

va_bank3686d ago

Holidays are coming, they need to sell 360. GeoW2 will be a system seller, as there's only a few high profile exclusives for 360 this holiday. If I was them, I'd say the same thing - make people buy an Xbox AND the game. this holiday instead of 'ummmmm... maybe I'll wait for the PC version...'

But with Microsoft being the publisher, yest it will come to PC eventually. I just hope they put more effort into that port then they did with original GeoW

Bangladesh3685d ago

That is one of the biggest reasons that I stopped playing games on PC. It's a pain in the balls just to finally get to play a fully functional game. Last generation, when console games couldn't technically produce games with the depth and visual quality of PC games, it was sort of worth the hassle. But now, you can buy console games with all of the depth and visual quality of PC games, and be playing in seconds. All patches and updates are automatic and 100% compatible, with no wondering around the internet searching for a magic patch, then praying to God that it doesn't mess up your PC. Not to mention the cost and poor comfort factor of PC gaming.

PirateThom3685d ago

I'm not sure why my comment was deleted here but "MGS4 to 360" is posted as actual news. Funny that.

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ape0073686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

gears 1 on pc had very bad sales

canceling it is a right decision

die_fiend3686d ago

Dunno who thought PS3 couldn't handle Gears but I doubt that it couldn't to be honest. More like Sony can't have it cos they prefer sequels to sub-quality subgames like Killzone 2 n Resistance 2 (which laughably PS3 owners gush over). Go look on metacritic at how much better Gears is than this tripe.
Gears 2 might be made for PC ages down the line, I dunno y this article said Games for Windows needs a shot in the arm...It may well do, but if the only way ppl can play Gears 2 is by buying a 360, surely that's gonna benefit Microsoft a whole lot more...

cwir3686d ago

sub-quality sub games? have you seen Killzone 2? have you played it?

SlappingOysters3686d ago

but I think gears will sell its maximum on X360 regardless of what happens on PC. I think that it is a blow for MS that they cannot advertise gaming on Vista (or Windows 7 if that is out) with one of the greatest games going around.

Jacobite3686d ago

How Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 gush have you played them mmmmm I'll be buying GOW2 and RFOM2 this November looking 4ward to playing both games, then I'm not a console fanboy .Evan I thought the first GOW was a better game than RFOM I enjoyed both,and both being good games.

Why o why3686d ago

is dying a slow death. MS may as well give the 360 mouse n keyboard support for games now.

bumnut3686d ago

no its not.

there are more games released on pc each week than any other platform.

online is free and games are supported for years.

eg. battlefield games are old now but there are still thousands of servers available to play on.

Why o why3686d ago

you know what i mean. Devs are sceptical because of the high rate of piracy and how many of those 'many' games are actually any good. The line between pc and console gaming is becoming more of a grey area and with pcs there are too many hardware variants. Too much upgrades far too often imo.

potenquatro3686d ago

It's too big and too hard working to let it die. I still play BF2 and DOD:s for crist sake.

Jacobite3686d ago

Rather play my FPS on a PC giving a choice, Keyboard & Mouse works better with FPS. Enjoy playing online on the PC, less twats (most of the time lol)360 & PS3 servers full of idiots (PS3 worse latey)I'll buy GOW2 4 the 360 but other games like L4D and Farcry 2 will be on PC.Would like feel the same with the 360,unless it supports Keyboard & mouse for FPS, or I get alot better with the joypad(2 left thumbs lol)again most folk I know 4 FPS prefer PC 4 the K & M well that have the choice then again my son a dam good player on FPS on a Joypad (Jealous lol)If MS let K & M support 4 games lot more folks would go to 360 IMOP : )

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