GameSpy: NBA 2K9 Review

GameSpy writes: "NBA fans can generally be divided into a couple of categories. There are those who want to see stars score tons of points, soar for vicious slams and swat shots into the stands and there are the aficionados who enjoy watching the Triangle offense being run to perfection even more than seeing Kobe Bryant throw down a reverse-360 windmill. The latter group likes to delve deeper into the game than simply enjoying the surface highlights, figuring out how different players' attributes and personalities fit together like a puzzle. With basketball's combination of teamwork and its inherent celebration of individuality and improvisation, true purists look at the game almost as if it were a form of jazz on the hardwood. That's the NBA 2K9 fan. The series from Visual Concepts has had a strong hold on the hardcore fan for years now, thanks to the genre's most realistic gameplay along with nuances that seem to be pulled straight from NBA arenas."

+Outstanding looks and gameplay
+Lockdown defense changed for better
+Mew level of crowd excitement and energy
+Excellent franchise mode

-NBA Blacktop doesn't measure up
-Highlight segments a bit choppy
-TV presentation is disappointing

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