Here is your first look at The Last Of Us and Red Dead Redemption running on the PC via emulation

John GodGames Emus has shared some videos, showing The Last of Us and Red Dead Redemption running on the PC via emulation thanks to RPCS3. RPCS3 is the best emulator for Playstation 3 and as we can see, Red Dead Redemption runs without major graphical glitches, though performance is still not that great.

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AspiringProGenji233d ago

Ken Kutaragi senpai be like sat in his couch laughing at how long it is taking to emulate the PS3 on PC properly

Princess_Pilfer233d ago

It takes forever to emulate any system properly. Afaik the sole exception is the Wii, because it's basically just a gamecube. Everything else takes years. A lot of them. The original Xbox still doesn't have an emulator that's more than half way there.

sampsonon232d ago

save yourself the tme and buy a console lol. ps3 is cheap as fuk and so is a ps4.

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Sciurus_vulgaris233d ago

Terrible framerates for Red Dead Redemption. The 360 version of RDR would make more sense to emulate than the PS3 version.

porkChop233d ago

360 emulation isn't really "there" yet though.

bigmalky232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

That's because there's virtually no need. The majority of Xbox 360 games can be played via PC version with better quality.

Yes, it's minus a couple of Gears of War, Halo and Forza games, but everything else was ported and the third party games were there already.

Getting PS exclusives to run in emulation is a much more worthwhile task.

OpenGL232d ago

The problem is there's less push for a 360 emulator because many of its games were already on the PC. An Xbox One emulator will never happen because of this.

Derceto233d ago

Should be pretty nice in about 5 or 6 years or so. Nice way to archive PS3 at least.

PCSX2 has come a long, long way in its time. This will come along as well.

TheDreamCorridor233d ago

Only 8 - 5 years late to the party. Lol

Avengerz43233d ago

Lol congrats PC crowd, I beat these years ago multiple times. Just get a damn PS3 you can get one dirt cheap.

Princess_Pilfer233d ago

Once (mostly) finished emulators tend to have features the original console didn't though. Higher framerates and resolutions, texture replacers, button remapping, quick saves, ect. More if you're lucky. For the overwhelming majority of games from the PS2 era or earlier (and the Wii from last gen,) the PC is the best way to play them. I own physical copies of DMC 1/2/3, Onimusha, Wind Waker, Chrono Trigger, Burnout 3, Fire Emblem, no more heros, ect, and I have the consoles to play them on. But why would I do that, when I could get a higher/most stable framerate and a clearer picture by playing them on my PC. (Not to mention not having to get up and go hook up the old systems)

I own a PS3 and both TLoU and RDR. Assuming the games run like they're supposed to, if given the option to play them on my PC or on the console, I'd pick PC, even if the experience was identicle, just to not have to get up and deal with my old consoles. But the fact is, they won't be identicle, chances are the emulator will have those extra features that will make it objectively better once the games are actually playable.

Spartacus10232d ago

"Oh cool Red Dead Redemption is coming out tomorrow, I'll wait 10 years and play it when it has better textures, frame-rate, resolution" - said no-one ever.

You would have half a point but you're talking as if the emulator that is capable of "higher framerates and resolutions, texture replacers" is already here. It's not, and if the devs get bored and decide there are better things to do in life, it never will.

Ace_Pheonix232d ago

Noble attempt, but you can't use reason with these people. It's funny how they all respond with "buy a console" when PC enthusiasts do in fact have them for exclusives. But it sure is nice to not have to throw away a box every 3 years for a new box and rebuy all my old software again for the new box and 💸💸💸. It's great being able to play literally everything on any controller I want and have all that old software simply scale and get better with any hardware upgrades I put in my tower. Just don't try to tell anyone here that. Plus, we need them all on the bottom to fund studios to make us awesome games anyways. It's better this way.

Princess_Pilfer232d ago


You didn't *really* read my ppst did you. You're responding to only the first line. It's not about waiting 10 years to play a game I'm excited for. It's about playing 10 year old games I already love but having them look and play better.

letsa_go232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

@Spartacus10 I still haven't played RDR, so I look forward to playing it on pc at 4k/60. - Said one person ever

@Princess_Pilfer, don't forget CEMU, the Wii U emulator! Mario Kart 8 at 4k/60 is amazing to say the least!

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SunnyZ233d ago

That is not the point of emulation m8...
Of course you can do that. Literally EVERYONE knows that. You would have to be morbidly retarded to not understand that you can just purchase the console and game to play it.
The point of emulation is the challenge of writing software to run a game on a system it was not intended for.
It is also for preserving games. The consoles produced will eventually have hardware failures. It is near impossible to kill off software that can run the games on any newer hardware thrown at it.

Pancit_Canton232d ago

"The point of emulation is the challenge of writing software to run a game on a system it was not intended for.
It is also for preserving games. The consoles produced will eventually have hardware failures. It is near impossible to kill off software that can run the games on any newer hardware thrown at it."

BS. The purpose of emulation is to play the game for free. You can preserved the game by buying the disc.

darksky232d ago

Emulation also allows the games to run at higher resolution and framerates. Check out CEMU and you will games such as Breath of the Wild running at 4K/60fps which is just a dream on switch or WiiU.

WeAreLegion232d ago (Edited 232d ago )


Disc rot is real. In a decade or two, the physical copies of disc-based games will be mostly lost to time. And who do you think is getting money for those used games you buy on Amazon and Ebay? Not the developer. So, chill out and download some emulators. Nobody is losing money. I assure you.

You realize these guys can steal this stuff without releasing and updating emulators for everyone else, right? They don't HAVE to help the community. You wanna buy a physical copy of Earthbound right now? How about Rule of Rose? Go ahead. Buy it.

Pancit_Canton231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


Hate to break it to you, Blu-ray disc can last for over 100 - 150yrs according to manufacturer. HDD can be corrupted and altered over the years. Disc are less prone to corruption and alteration if you keep it safe over years. There's so many things that could damage the HDD or SDD for that matter. One thing is magnetic, water damage and static electricity.

Well, you can buy a digital copy of earthbound for dirt cheap on VC, if you want to play it. You could also probably find Rule of Rose on the flea market for cheap price, if you are lucky.

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Lennoxb63232d ago

TLOU is already on PSNow. Someone could just purchase the trial and beat it then.

WeAreLegion232d ago

What is this "us vs. them" bs? Most gamers play on both console and PC. You guys are acting like kids. You can still play Red Dead Redemption on PS3, but you can also play it on PC. Is it that hard to understand? Jesus Christ. Most of us played it when it came out and will eventually play it on PC, as well. I haven't gotten it passed the loading screen on this emulator, but a lot of PS3 games work very well on it. For most of these people, it's not about piracy, but about preserving the games long-term.

There is not "PC vs Console" if you're playing on both. And I don't know why you wouldn't.

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