Pocket Gamer: Saints Row 2 Mobile Review

Pocket Gamer writes: "Whereas banks on these shores tend to offer us a selection of free railcards or book tokens when we open a new account, rumour has it that some banks in the States offer first time investors a free firearm or two to sweeten the deal. Can you imagine what would happen if scores of British students up and down the land were awarded with a gun for opening up their first bank account, rather than ten per cent off a bunch of CDs at HMV? The Daily Mail would implode.

That, my friends, is a vision fitting of an apocalyptic planet; people running for their lives and dodging bullets, killing each other and caring about no-one else but themselves. If you're wondering what a world filled with such lunacy might look like, you need go no further than Saints Row 2 on your mobile, where driving cars fast and gunning down rivals is the order of the day. Thankfully, it's nowhere near as grim as it sounds, with THQ making such violent encounters sweet enough for all of us to digest."

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