Square Enix's 15th Anniversary - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Back in good ole April of 2003, a relationship developed between two companies: Square and Enix. Sure, there were some bumps in the road and red flags, but the partnership of a developer and a publisher ought to be a clever move financially, right?

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PhoenixUp261d ago

“Though Final Fantasy X was a polished RPG before Enix came along, Final Fantasy X-2 was one of the earliest games SE developed as a united front.”

Final Fantasy X-2 was developed and released in Japan before the merger even happened in March 13, 2003. It was only released in western territories after the merger happened.

FFXII is the first game in the mainline series that had its development during the merger and FFXIII is the first mainline one to have its development begin after the merger.

“ Other notable examples polymorphic content include Enix’s early project Fullmetal Alchelmist and SE’s Invalice Alliance, which was started back in 2016.”

Lolwut? First of all it’s spelled Ivalice, and second it was started in 1997.

“Numerous fans challenge the idea that ever since Sakaguchi decided to take his leave in 2004, the franchise hasn’t been the same.”

The series has always be dramatically reinventing itself with each new entry before he left though. FFVI for example was a major departure from its predecessors especially because it was the first mainline title Sakaguchi didn’t direct.

Derceto260d ago

There's good? I don't think so.