This mod for Need for Speed removes its annoying chromatic aberration and vignette effects

DSOGaming writes: "Modder ‘GrosRelou’ has released a new mod for the 2016 version of Need for Speed that removes its annoying chromatic aberration and vignette effects. Chromatic aberration is perhaps the worst effect we’ve ever seen, and every developer should be offering options to disable it. And when that is not possible, we have to rely on such mods, so thank God for modders."

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DarkVoyager256d ago

I hate both effects. I especially hate vignette.

letsa_go256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

I am not a fan of chromatic aberration myself! They really need to remove the awful rubberbanding to fix this mess of a game!

jokerisalive256d ago (Edited 256d ago )

NOTHING is more annoying than the INTERNET REQUIRED just to play this game. How about a mod to remove that crap???? That imo would be far more impressive.