Sea of Thieves lets you live the pirate's life on the open seas

Sea of Thieves might not be for everyone, but it lays the groundwork for what could evolve into one of the most unique experiences in gaming.

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corroios260d ago

Yes, and destiny 2 will also evolve into something unique....

Slurms260d ago

What else is like Destiny 2? Besides Destiny 1?

Goldby258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

anthem, Warframe, Division, Diablo, nearly every MMO.

absolutely nothing is special about Destiny 2 except how* backwards it is compared to the first and its gun play

Derceto258d ago

Wow. You gotta do better than that. lol

Slurms258d ago

Oh I don't like Destiny. But the fact that your list includes games that came out after Destiny, games that aren't out get, games that are nothing like Destiny, and a sweeping inaccurate "nearly every MMORPG" kinda confirms there isn't much else like it.

Unless you really think Destiny is a copy and paste of Diablo 3 because it has equipment with numbers on it?

Goldby257d ago


Desitny, and other games like it are prgression based on loot. not stat points you can put on your characters.
So yes, Diablo 3 is very similar to Destiny. both have multiple classes with unique skills, both are only able to level up to a certain number before loot is what makes your stronger.

Both have a campaign and raids (nephalem rifts for diablo) that will challenge the players the first time they do them, after a while, experienced players will be able to solo them.

Slurms257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Eh? Do you think I'm stupid or something?

I've played Destiny and I've played Diablo 3. There are similarities in some areas, and there are bold and obvious differences as well. Have you realised for example that one of them is a first person shooter, and one of them is not? Destiny 2 has some big problems, but "too many games the same" isn't one of them.

If Sea of Thieves has to strive to be unique in a world where Destiny 2 and Diablo 3 are considered "too similar" for the reasons you listed, then it has no chance. We may as well say it is too similar to Gran Turismo as it has vehicles with steering wheels, rain, you can play with other people, and there no way to increase your strength stat.

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Perjoss258d ago

It does lack a variety in quest types especially before reaching Pirate Legend status, so all the complaints about lack of content are fair. But I've had SO much fun playing this in all game types, solo, 2 man crew and 4 man crew. They have laid a fantastic foundation and if they put some more love into it they could turn SoT into something amazing.

Italiano1234567258d ago

And sales declined 52% in 1 week. Whats that tell ya

JackBNimble258d ago

That the people who wanted to play the game bought it day one?
I don't know if you realise this but sales always decline after the first week or two.

PhantomS42258d ago

True but not normally that sharp of a drop. Big drops do show the quality of a product, like when BvS had a 70% drop in box office sales on the second weekend...nobody wanted to watch that movie because it was trash. Sea of Thieves is a husk of a game that people clearly do not want.

Italiano1234567258d ago

There's plenty of games that stay on top week after week

258d ago
OffRoadKing258d ago

So that s it than, day one sales and then a sharp and steady decline to zero. That's pretty bad.

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Direwolf484258d ago

For a new IP with average reviews? That it's doing really well.

Lime123254d ago

Yea, it sold 22k First week in Uk. For instance Crash sold over 100k, Uncharted 4 almost 200k, Halo 5 160k,...

In US is even worse.

Gunstar75258d ago

And how does this compare to other AAA releases? C'mon troll, tell us?

Bigpappy258d ago

It says the reviewers scored it low and many people rely on reviewers to guide their purchases.

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SuperSaiyanGod41258d ago

Do u have any kind of powers on here, I was hoping for this to be like one piece, since I'm a huge fan of one piece.

timotim258d ago

Great foundation so far. Rare has to get interesting new content out there on a consistent basis if it's legs are to be as long as they hope. Enjoying the game, want to see more.

Prince-Ali258d ago

did you purchase a game for it to be a foundation or did you purchase a complete game..? im confused...

Bigpappy258d ago

Did you buy the most recent GT when it was released? How about Drive Club. If your answer is yes to either, I don't understand the confusion.

bluefox755258d ago

@Bigpappy But you took issue with those games? You accuse him of having a double standard, yet you have one?

OffRoadKing258d ago

@ Bigpappy

What are you going to do if he says no to both?

timotim258d ago

Actually i purchased the game knowing full well that it was always intended to be an ongoing online adventure that always gets knew content added. This type of game is never complete and certainly not on day one. The very nature of the game is to give players new things to do in its sandbox.

Hopefully that cleared up any confusion you might have.

Prince-Ali257d ago


Are you stupid loool...? Both GT AND Driveclub released in a much better state and with more content than what Sea Of Thieves released in.. Those are racing games that released with nothing but on track races in mind... It's not that they didn't have content it's that people have turned the racing genre into a pissing match where the only thing people care about are the number of cars and tracks as if having 50+ tracks and over 190 cars is a lack of content.. you people are idiots!

Sea of Thieves is LITERALLY do these fetch quests... and in the middle of it all you can play an instrument or drink alcohol loooool... the games in a PATHETIC state and you all look stupid defending it... PLUS like others have pointed out you certainly roasted GT and DC in their state WHILE IT HAD MORE CONTENT THAN SEA OF THIEVES yet here you are defending Sea of thieves! you're all hypocritical fools! ¬_¬

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