UGO: Tetris Party Preview

UGO writes: "We've all played Tetris. It's probably the single most recognizable video game ever created and it somehow still manages to ensnare players with its addictive puzzling action. In the past 23 years, the game has landed on nearly every console, handheld device, and electronic doo-dad that could handle rendering the colored blocks and lines of the distinctive puzzler, and this year we're seeing the title's introduction to the Wii via WiiWare's Tetris Party.

Unlike past "advancements" to the series (we still scratch our head when we think of the N64s Tetrisphere), Tetris Party manages to take the familiar puzzler, shake it up a bit, all while retaining the core game that we all know and love. With 18 modes of play and support for the Wii's Balance Board, this Tetris Party may be well worth the price of entry when it drops this fall."

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