UGO: Call of Duty: World at War - Hands-on with the Beta

UGO writes: "My name is Adam Rosenberg and I'm a Call of Duty 4 addict. I know there are other games, newer games to play. To review even. But I can't stop the CoD4. It interferes with my social life. With my work too. I am an addict in the truest sense of the word. And now things will only get worse.

Going into this weekend with a slate of games to play and review, I scored some last-minute beta love for the just-started Call of Duty: World at War test. There are three maps, a level cap of 11 and a handful of weapons and perks which can be opened up before that cap is reached. The setting is changed and the weapons are more rudimentary than their Modern Warfare counterparts, but World at War's multiplayer scores big points for adding to Call of Duty 4's stellar online play without making any fundamental changes."

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