Does Gaming Understand "Scary" Better Than Hollywood?

psxextreme writes: "As movies have gradually declined in quality, and as they've worked very hard to insult any viewer with half a functioning brain, the gaming industry has gained. Granted, we probably shouldn't say that all video game scripts are brilliantly written - although we maintain Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots's storyline is better than most of the crap that Hollywood churns out - but that's not the question today. The question today is, has the gaming industry fully understood and embraced the concept of fear?

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Asurastrike3686d ago

I have never been scared by a game.

Endorphin3686d ago

"The Descent" was the last good true horror flick that I saw. Most Scary movies these days play like action flicks but with zombies and beasts instead. Video Games does a better job because it captivates you with it being such a personal experience. Movies have a harder time because you're only watching it and the experience is short compared to games. Games have time to let you savor the atmosphere and let you be completely be immersed which provides you with a way better ride. Games FTW!

PoSTedUP3686d ago

i like being scared when i play a game, i actually "try" to be scared for it makes it more exciting. (siren blood curse)

heck, i was nine years old when i seen the Blair Witch Project, now THAT was some scary ass sh*t yo lol.

i want to see Quarantine, that looks pretty scary.

LinuxGuru3686d ago

Being scared in a game and being scared by a movie are two different things.

In a game, you have control over yourself and your character; in a film you have no control over what is happening, so tension is easier to build.

A game designer has to compensate for the player's survival instinct with many different game elements just so the game can remain at least a little scary.

They have to stick in some elements that are out of your control to truly make it scary like a film.

Dark_Overlord3686d ago

Japanese Horror >>>>> Old Hollywood Horror >>>>> Gaming Horror >>>>> New Hollywood Horror

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