UGO Blizzcon '08-Diablo III Hands-On

UGO writes: "So hearing about Diablo in my interview with Rob Pardo today got me interested. No, it's not done. Not even close. No, there's no release date. No, we're still not sure about the improvements to And some fans have objected to the "colorful" art in the game. But from what I saw, Sanctuary looks like an evil, colorful, hellmouth of a place and I can't wait for the game. If you've read my previous posts, you know I'm a console gamer and I'm waiting to hear your arguments for or against PC gaming. But none of the games at Blizzcon intrigued me like Diablo III. I'm a D&D player, so I suppose World of Warcraft should have been the one, but what can I say? Pardo told me that Decker Cain and Tyrael are back and they announced the Wizard class, the third of five to be revealed. I'm waiting in line right now to give it a shot…"

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