Edge Review: Fatal Frame 4

Edge writes: "Fatal Frame has always been a game of two conflicting halves: the cold-sweat creep through the murk juxtaposed against brisk head-to-heads with J-horror phantoms. When these anti-Caspers materialise, out comes the Camera Obscura, entombing the spooks on celluloid. But while the teeth clench as ghost proximity is risked for stronger snaps, the sudden fizzing to life of an exhaustive points breakdown – a mess of onscreen commentary – is guaranteed to instantly deflate the situation.

Chained combos, attack strength and health bars are the arcade paraphernalia of Tecmo's sillier, inflated-bosom ways, entirely at odds with the masterful dread-weaving of exploration. The same has been said of previous Frames, but here the flaw is magnified by the sheer quality of the softly-softly moments."

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