Edge: Operation Flashpoint 2 Interview

Edge writes: "We're counting down until he mentions the 'r' word. "It's about realism," says Clive Lindop, nine seconds into our recording. Lindop is the lead AI designer on the sequel to Operation Flashpoint, a game that was unforgiving in its attempts to recreate the lethality of real-world combat – and brilliant for it. Dragon Rising, despite a simultaneous release on supposedly sim-averse consoles, aims for even greater fidelity. But, Lindop says, this will actually make things a little easier.

"What made the first one really hard was that there was simply nothing there, and if you can't hide anywhere that means death. Now, there's cover. The other reason was that the AI in the original game had no fear of anything. It would see you from 400 metres away and take the perfect shot right through your eye.'"

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