Game Revolution: Saints Row 2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "The ESRB describes Saints Row 2 with the following phrases: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Content, Strong Language, and Use of Drugs. I'm happy to say that, at least in this case, the ESRB wasn't being generous. No, they were actually being pretty damn reserved. Saints Row 2 exceeds every single one of those descriptors in pretty much any way possible.

This is a game that's so wildly over the top, it's enough to make the GTA:SA Hot Coffee "scandal" look mild in comparison. And you know what? The game is all the better for it. Just like movies, not every game has to be high art. Sometimes you're simply in the mood for a big, shiny, Bruckheimer-esque, explosion fest. That's exactly what Saints Row 2 promises and exactly what it delivers."

+ Much larger than the original game
+ More than 40 solid hours of gameplay
+ Great choice of voice actors including Neil Patrick Harris (NPH!)
+ Works hard to earn its M rating
+ Zombie Uprising
+ Excellent music selection
- Occasional visual glitch
- Sometimes braindead A.I.

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