ZT Gamedomain Saints Row 2 Review

I usually review RPGs and other sorts of Japanese Fluff for ZTGD. I can imagine Ken's inner dialogue when I told him that I could provide a review of Saints Row 2 for his site. I played Grand Theft Auto IV for about two hours and did not enjoy it at all. Don't really know why, just wasn't my thing. I am, however, goofy about character creation (just ask my husband, I can spend two hours creating a character), and having had a bit of fun with the first Saints Row's creator, I was at least looking forward to Saints Row 2's robust character creation. I imagined I would create a character, fart around for an hour or so and be left wanting. Nine hours later, I am still having a great time with this profane, ridiculous, and hilariously energy drink fueled game.more after jump

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