First Shot of the New PS3 Trophy System

Here's a brand-spanking fresh image of the new Trophy system that Sony just implemented in their brand new 2.50 firmware update. What do you think?

I certainly think its a big improvement, it's nice to have more insight into what's going on with the Trophy EXP system. Hopefully they'll work on speeding up the syncing system next...

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ShinnokDrako3687d ago

Isn't there some code to put in forums that shows your situation like the gamercards? Not those where you have to put the games you're using, but an automatic one that shows your trophies, the last games used, exp etc etc

disrupt3r3687d ago

check out dude. but its not automatic, you manually select what trophies you have etc.

SixTwoTwo3687d ago

i wish we could choose which trophies to display on our gamercards

Marceles3687d ago

Yeah, if you want to do that you can just save adding those trophies for last

oOLightOo3687d ago

Agreed. some looks Sweet. but some looks like [email protected]

Kleptic3686d ago

I don't even understand what it displays trophy it just your 6 or 7 most recent trophies?...I guess that is it, because mine only shows Wipeout HD stuff right now, while most others on my list show Burnout stuff...

this is cool I guess, especially the comparing improvements...I just really hope SCE does what they have been talking about with letting your exp level unlock stuff in Home...i know there is supposed to be unlockable free content, but they haven't really explained any of it yet...

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CliffyBee3687d ago

looks better than the entire first hour of Gears of War 1.

I may have to infiltrate Sony and see how they are coming up with these quality updates, when I cant even make a half decent sequel to a sub-par game :(

nice_cuppa3687d ago

wow !

sort your life out mate !

lelo3687d ago

Another account ... how many do you have? ... 20... 30.

Funny, these guys that have multiple accounts, leave a comment and after login with their other accounts, to respond and agree to the previous comment.

They are talking to them selves. It's funny and sad at the same time. You guys need help.

CliffyBee3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

This is my one and only account guys. The Cliff doesnt know how to make a second account, just like I don't know how to make a second decent game :(

Glad to see someone finishing my first game in under an hour :D My retarded wife managed to finish it in under 45secs.

nice cuppa, I think you might be right :( Shall I join Sony? That will sort my life out.

3687d ago
CliffyBee3686d ago

I have more than one account XD Hey "me" :D

On a more serious note....the new trophy system looks amazing. I cant wait to get home and download it, after I've finished transfering £10,000,000 from my account to Kotaku for the rent boys they keep sending me over.


Keele3686d ago

Get the hell out of here.

xaviertooth3686d ago

hey aaron pig-berg here... did i miss something???

Pain3686d ago

Trophies >>>> Achievements

GiantEnemyCrab3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

At least the loser with the pig kissing Aaron Greenburg has a little creativity.. Cliff Blashitsky? Lame.

btw - Nice achievement ripoff! Are they dynamic yet so you can imbed them in html? nope! keep trying.

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Marceles3687d ago

Trophy sites figured out how to find the percentage already but it's nice to not have to go to them anymore to find out how close you are to the next level. That's basically all they changed, they added the percentage and changed the color of the bar if you compare trophies. It's not an OMG HUGE improvement but any improvement is great for PS3. I agree with the syncing as well, I don't mind comparing trophies all the time to sync but it'll be nice to auto-sync.

Kleptic3686d ago

yeah I didn't even realize that happened until like last week...PSN card doesn't update until you sync your trophies...I new I had earned like 15 trophies in the past week, but my card still only showed stuff from uncharted...I figured it out now...

ReTarDedFisHy3687d ago

pretty sweet. Going to have to log in and update myself to see how it really is.

KARMA20093687d ago

And its FREE .... =)
no one should complain for having free online play and having trophies,if we had to pay like MS then you can complain ....

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