No Man’s Sky: Fly or Flop on Xbox One

The infamous No Man's Sky is officially coming to the Xbox One later this year. Whatever agreement Hello Games had with Sony seems to have come to an end. Distribution will be handled by 505 games and the announcement of the Xbox One release was coupled with the next big update, “No Man’s Sky NEXT”.

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Jimboms259d ago

I think this is the beginning of the game expanding to become what Shaun Murray said it would be when he was pressured in all those interviews. It might even prompt Sony to begin cross platform multiplayer talks.

DarkVoyager259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

They should’ve focused on fewer but far more dense worlds than a whole dang universe full of empty planets. The game has a good concept but is poorly executed. I could care less about crossplay .

Nice cat avatar. I have a black girl cat with a Misstooche. Lol

gamingunited259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

That's how the universe is though many planets most of which won't have any life. If anything they made most of the planet more interesting than the actual universe.

jagermaster619258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


Oh sorry we didn't know you are a scientist, and that you know for a fact there is absolutely little to no life on planets. No man's sky's disappointing lack of alien life is justified. You are to funny man!

TheCommentator259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

When I talked with Sean a few years ago at the Gamestop conference, his goals were practically Molyneaux level ambitious. Sean said he'd like it to go to Xbox, but wouldn't consider that until the game was finished, so maybe you're right about the expansion. Unfortunately, I don't know what to expect from Next just yet but I think it has the potential to positively impact on the reception it receives on the Xbox One.

Gigamax257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

That sounds like a pretty cool conversation! Thanks for sharing your input! We're excited to see what Next brings and it might be enough to help them drive those Xbox One sales. We'll keep a look out for more details on Next and have an article with all the information. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!

Aenea258d ago

1) I doubt this game will ever see MP in the way people want to
2) this game isn't popular enough to prompt Sony to do anything

narsaku259d ago

This game is hot garbage and a nasty scummy scam. I don't care how much they update it, you don't eat a turd rolled in sprinkles unless your forced to.

I feel bad for every person who ever bought this game. Unless it's their first game ever. Can you imagine that?.. It's ONLY uphill from then on for them.

Liqu1d259d ago

Yet you defend Sea of Thieves which is a worse game.

259d ago
Hungryalpaca259d ago


That’s not even remotely close to true. Blackwake is pretty much the same game and is 1/6th of the price and is far more enjoyable because it’s unintentionally silly.

Sea of thieves is so void of content you have to force yourself to do things.

Cyborgg259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

No man Sea you mean but yes I agree with you its the worse game coming from a big developer named Rare.

UCForce259d ago

@CaptainTragedy I don’t think so. That would be Guild War 2 and I don’t need to say it twice. You have your opinion, but you have a low standard just like the rest.

TheCommentator258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Did they really?

Seems a bit hypocritical. Sea of Thieves will share a lot with No Man's Sky in that regard.

They both have been poorly reviewed. Hello Games stuck with NMS and continued to update the game post release to make the game better. Rare has been open about their intent to support the game and talked about some of the types of new content to expect (including listening to fan feedback). Both were released as core experiences and both will continue to improve post launch.

Better or worse is subjective. In that regard, NMS and SoT are both fantastic and failures depending upon perspective.

OffRoadKing258d ago

I agree with you but please dont bring up SOT, all it does is bring out the defense force and their tripe is getting really tiresome at this point.

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monkeyfox259d ago

This game is actually very good. You have obviously (I mean like, clearly) never played it.

Stop talking trash about things you don't understand and try putting something positive into the world.

CorndogBurglar259d ago

Or he could just not like the game. Y'know, like a whole lot of other people who bought it, played it, and hated it?

UCForce259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Can you say the same thing with SoT ? Of course, you won’t talk about it. About Quantum Break being flop for sales, it was more than that. Quantum Break changed a lot of things in worse way. The most mistakes Remedy made that they changed the actor from original source and live action have been poorly executed.

Yohshida259d ago

Bought the limited edition day 1 :D

TheCommentator259d ago

Astronauts recycle and drink their own pee and they're perfectly fine. You just have to filter out the contaminants first.

Aenea258d ago

I rather feel sorry for the people who say the things you do and then turn around and buy something like SoT....

raWfodog258d ago

Don't feel bad for me. I enjoyed my time with the game and I've been gaming for over 40 years. I like Elite Dangerous gameplay a bit more (more technical) but NMS was fun for me too while I was playing it. I just liked exploring different planets and cataloging the different discoveries (especially after the first big update that gave you the buggy to roll around in).

Elda258d ago

I've been playing videogames for 40 years as well. Shout out to the elders that!

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DigitalRaptor259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

The game has come a long way. I don't know how much 505 plans to charge at retail but it could do well at $30. If they put it on GamePass it could do alright. Whatever this "NEXT" update is could be the hook.

Gigamax257d ago

You're absolutely right. This game has come a long way since its release. $30 seems like a fair price point, especially after all the criticism it received. We'll be sure to have an update report once the details from "NEXT" come in. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!

Artemidorus259d ago

Likely to be Xbox and PC players unite

blacktiger259d ago

And playstation and pc unite.

Artemidorus259d ago

Yes but the realationship of windows will work better, Microsoft might even assist them when performing the task to optimise it.

AmstradAmiga258d ago

So Crossplay is or isn't important?

No Way258d ago

Its funny that the comments are the "same," yet the disparity of agrees to disagrees for each.

Artemidorus257d ago

Because it's that's why.

jznrpg259d ago

XBoxers say -Sea of Thieves best game ever , No Mans Sky worst game ever, oh wait it’s coming to Xbox maybe it’s not so bad

UCForce259d ago

Well, I won’t argue with that. Their logic is just forward and backward. It’s just a mess.

jagermaster619258d ago

I can care less if it comes to Xbox that game was garbage and still remains garbage! I think it's funny though how all you PlayStation fans are butthurt it's coming to xbox lol. 🚀😂

OffRoadKing258d ago

Why would anyone care if a game xbox fans told Playstation fans was garbage is coming to xbox, no one cares they're simply pointing out the xbox fan base hypocrisy. You're more than welcome to enjoy our hand me down "garbage".

UCForce258d ago

Can you say the same thing with SoT ?

jagermaster619258d ago

I actually enjoy sea of theives but if that's your way of trying to troll me then it's not gonna work. Yeah sure it's not a perfect game but it's very enjoyable. Now you can say the same for no man's sky but we both know that game was a huge disappoinment.

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