GOW PS4 Director Confirms Performance Mode For PS4 Pro

“@MartinMilz93 @SonySantaMonica Nope, you don't have to, but if you do 4k is AMAZING, if you have a 4k TV, of course. If you don't, we have a performance mode that puts the extra power to good use and makes the game run so so smooth!”

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Sitdown257d ago

Exactly, cut out all this Jibba Jabba and arrive at my local store already.

mikeslemonade257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Vanilla PS4 owners lose.

Gonna play this at performance mode. And I have a 4K monitor but I rather have it 1080p 60 frames if it’s one or the other. Gonna play this one natively on my 1080p monitor instead.

You people on vanilla PS4 will be watching a blur fest every time you move. You will not get a definitive God of War experience. That experience can only be found on the PS Pro.

Look at 13:10. Basically there’s not much difference when you are not moving. But even when you are running forward it’s blurry on the vanilla.

xX-oldboy-Xx257d ago

mikelemonade - don't be elitist mate, vanilla owners will be more than happy with GOW.

homeruz1257d ago

I just saw your linked video. There is indeed a massive difference. I'd prefer the 60 fps 1080p over the 4k but 30 fps

Nyxus257d ago

I'm sure it will be fine on base PS4. Somehow I'm not worried.

mikeslemonade257d ago

Fine is not good enough^

Thank you to pro consoles because last gen the PS3 was weak by year 4.

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Obscure_Observer258d ago

Simply Amazing! Checkerboard 4K. Supersampling. Performance Mode.

That´s what i call great support for PS4 Pro. Hope more studios follow suit.

Heelix258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

It sucks that some 3rd parties don't make this level of effort for the Pro.

Fantastic support from Santa Monica.

Taking care of every gamer's preferred setting.

I've got the limited GOW PS4Pro pre ordered :p
I'll be pairing it with a 1080p HDR Monitor thus supersamplng and Performance mode for me.

TheUndertaker85258d ago

Some third parties?

Some first parties don’t either.

I’d actually wager more third party games offer enhancements for their titles versus first parties.

IamTylerDurden1258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


You are wrong, the best Pro support is generally coming from 1st party and well supported PS4/console exclusives.

Gran Turismo Sport
TLoU Remastered
God of War
Wipeout Omega
Gravity Rush 2
Knack 1 & 2
Infamous SS
First Light
MLB The Show
LocoRoco, Parappa, Patapon
The Last Guardian
Shadow of the Colossus
No Man's Sky

TheUndertaker85257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

@IAmTylerDurden1: Am I really?

More of the titles listed are third party. With a source as the official PlayStation blog.

Then there’s this dating list. Another example of the fact that more third parties are enhancing their titles versus first party.


Then if I am correct (I’m VERY positive I am 😉) there are hundreds of enhanced titles for PS4, no? You listed twenty titles. So effectively your example would go to show that LESS THAN ONE TENTH of enhanced content has come from first party.

And.... 😆
Lists such as this along with articles list more coming from third parties versus first from a quality standpoint!

So now not only would I alter my comment it’d be even more definitive. Not only are more third parties enhancing their titles versus first parties but they’re also delivering more titles with higher quality enhancements!

dRanzer258d ago

I have 1080P LED im my bedroom and 4k in the living room.
Just hope the performance mode is hitting 60fps for the must part and there is no set back in the visuls.

TFJWM258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Umm you do understand what performance mode means....of course the visuals won't be as good..not sure what you mean by "setback"

LucasRuinedChildhood258d ago

@TFJWM I think he means that there won't be any setback in visuals compared to the standard PS4 in order to get 60FPS.

Obscure_Observer258d ago


"Fantastic support from Santa Monica."

I agree. SP also did a great job on Infamous SS enhancements on the Pro. I´m expecting nothing less from them regarding Ghost of Tsushima enhancements on PS4 Pro.

MarineLineman257d ago

That’s another title I think is going to hit hard at E3. My only hope is that Sucker Punch will pull a ND and make it their first M-rated game, and not hold back any punches on delivering a violent Samurai game lol

Cyborgg258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I hope so too. But they probably will wait for the PS5 in a year in a half (2020) at least third party developers will wait

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UCForce258d ago

SSM never disappointing.

Ceaser9857361258d ago

I have the Pro and Sammy 4k tv. So lets see what mode i choose.. Kind of confused atm.

Cryptcuzz258d ago

I generally go with the 4K mode in my games (unless it's a game like Nioh) since if playing on a 4K display, the clarity loss whilst playing in 1080P mode is noticeable.

Most recent is in Ni No Kuni 2 for me. Even in 1080P mode, it is smoother than 4K mode, but I chose the latter, since it makes Evan and crew noticeably sharper.

For Kratos, I will be playing in 4K mode first. Then I might just do a second play through in performance mode.

Best thing of all is having choices for which mode one prefers to play in.

Can't wait!

257d ago
Ceaser9857361257d ago

Cool Cryptcuzz Looks like i will do the same.. first in 4k and 2nd playthrough in Performance Mode..

AKS257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

I use the 4K/ higher res settings most of the time. It makes a huge difference in games like Horizon, and God of War is a similar situation having seen even the 4K video footage. Native 1080p versus checkerboard 2160 is a HUGE difference in pixel density, and you see a massive difference. Occasionally there are exceptions in which I go for the performance mode like Shadow of the Colossus, which is 1440p versus one of the smoothest 60 fps I've ever seen, and Nioh for 60 fps with adaptive resolution.

NiteX258d ago

Not surprising they added enhancements for the Pro seeing how they are bundling the game with it. It gives a big incentive to buy the Pro bundle.

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