Sony adds DivX VOD to PS3 with FW 2.50

One of the new features includes 'DivX VOD'. According to the official site, 'DivX Video on Demand' is a digital video delivery service that lets you rent or purchase DivX movies from any of our licensed VOD partners.

Will Sony soon start utilizing DivX for PS Store downloads or even pitching DivX VOD partners ?

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eric1003689d ago

Awesome PS3 , SONY and BLU RAY

Jamie Foxx3689d ago

in life with playstation! soo many new added features not mentioned by sony

Jamie Foxx3689d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

a news page in lifewithplaystation and it'l zoom in so nomatter what size tv your viewing LWP on you can now read the news clearly, alot of sites complained it didnt have this was much needed to be honest

INehalemEXI3689d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Im assuming he means the news text pages that pop up. They where hard to read before and unzoomable. Good news !

Ju3688d ago

Yes, that zoom works great, and unlike the XMB browser zooms the font also to a very readable size.

BTW: Anybody noticed that a "Double-Tap" on the square button brings up the audio player menu ? Was that there before ? (In life with PS).

shine13963688d ago

overall a good update, but shame iplayer doesn't work. It asks me to turn on javascript, which I did but still no luck.

thereapersson3688d ago

Hell yeah! I was wondering if they were going to implement that feature, because I hated having to get up and look close at my TV screen just to read the news articles. I thought that it was a gross oversight on Sony's part, and now I see that they've fixed the problem, making it infinitely more usable.

Thanks, Sony!

DARKKNIGHT3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Wait so microsoft didnt bribe this for their console?

oh thats right,they already have this covered. ONLY their options ALL cost the gamer even more money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$

xhairs93688d ago

yeah the music player was there before, it even sorts your whole play list to pick out certain styles of music for your mood (I have no idea how they did this but it actually picks them out correctly...a lot better than WMP ::( ).

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BrunoM3689d ago

WOw now that some big news .. in other hand it alsow means divx is gona run at 100% on the ps3 .. it some great nws ...

Sonys ps3 video sirvice is gona jump...

but now with flash 9 i can see my movie and anime on the ps3 i wont be usin the pc so much ..

n4gzz3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

i don't use my ps3 for anything other than gaming besides I watch blu-ray sometime. I use my laptop with my 40" TV 'coz i have hdmi output on laptop to check game trailers and videos or watch netflix instant movies. Sorry, I don't get excited for extra features that ps3 offers. I like to see more dedicated server to play games.

RememberThe3573688d ago

I got a little over 30 movies on the PS3 right now. Plus, I got quite a few anime movies(Studio Gibli) from Veoh TV that I put on my PS3,so right about now my PS3 is getting a sh*t load of use.

prunchess3688d ago

Movies, music, photos and games. One of the best apps available has to be Tversity. ( I use this for streaming movies from my PC to my PS3 wirelessly. It runs just about any format, divx or other. It's free and has a ton of other features.

tocrazed4you3689d ago

Netflix versus Divx VOD thing is though you can also buy the movies and buy it in HD on the psn video store.

Raoh3689d ago

more than that i think it also will probably be the method of digital media for blu ray. you know like files that you can play on your computer and ipod that come with a dvd movie.

sony partnered with divx. blu ray movies with divx code mean instant playback of digital media on your psp, ps3, pc and mac with blu ray enabled players....................... ................

we probably wont see the entire benefit for a while.. but the road to unified media is a good thing...

Raiyel3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I don't know if I'm the only one who's noticed but this FW Update completly breaks my favorite feature and one I felt was soooo special about the PS3!

When you play a Video or TV Show / Movie off the HDD which I do all the time, and then push the PS Button, it Pauses the video!!! What the hell! Before the update you could freely move through the XMB, check your downloads, change your settings etc while the movie played in the background! IT WAS PERFECT - NOW ITS BROKEN...

I love the improvements in this update but the choice they've made to disable playback of video while in the XMB is a travesty! Please somebody hear my prayer and restore this beloved feature...

Popeye3689d ago


PopEmUp3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

I can see your problem but still i think it a good thing that the video you're watching pause once you hit the PS button to access the xmb, in this case you don't miss out the part/scene when you're in the middle of accessing the xmb. So I think there no problem with that is it?

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sevanig3689d ago

Now lets start burning dual layer blu-rays with whole catalogues of movies :)

ThatArtGuy3689d ago

It's cheaper to buy the movie.

silky3688d ago can fit a hell of a lot of divx movies on one disc

games4fun3689d ago

i cannot stress enough how great divx is, the speed and quality is hard to match for alot of other programs imo i hope divx is the standard for HD video till something better comes along