TNL: Warriors Orochi 2 Review

Aaron Drewniak writes:

"It's still a port up from a PS2 game though, which means no online play, overall poor visuals, and an inexcusable frame rate. On release, it was borderline unplayable. Koei has released a patch to improve things, but there are still spots of major slowdown when battles become too hectic. Areas that might seem familiar, since the majority of this game's content in environments and heroes have been recycled from previous games. This particularly stings in the 360 version, costing $20 more than on the PS2. The voices are a mixed bag, though no surprise when there's so many of them, while the soundtrack is one of the weaker entries in the series, with the menu music growing downright annoying. So as satisfying as this game is to play, I can't help wishing it had been wrapped up in a more polished package."

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