MyGames reviews LBP

The biggest Portuguese Gaming website has reviewed LBP. The reviewer writes:-

"The redefinition of a genre of video games is something that appears increasingly less frequently. LittleBigPlanet takes the reins of an ordinary game platforms, transforming it into a very peculiar experience. We still have to go from point A to point B, however, what is done is through an ode to creativity and freedom of expression. Carrying huge expectations on the back, the work of Media Molecule came and proof that there are still games on the PlayStation 3 that does not succumb to pressure."

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eric1003715d ago

LBP will selll millions of PS3s this Fall

i_like_ff73715d ago

I hope this can sell well...

eric1003715d ago

It has more preorders than Fable2/Gears 2 at ebgames

imagine sales in eruope where it will boost HW sales by 1000% for some weeks

AAACE53715d ago

I hope you actually plan on buying the game... matter of fact you better have had it pre-ordered from day one! You have defended LBP so much, you better be the first one to play it and have the most user-created content on PSN! I hope this game is everything you dreamed it would be, and I hope you put countless hours into playing and creating and have the time of your life!

But, based on some of your previous comments, I can tell you are about 13-14 years old. So since your mind is not fully developed yet, and you may not be able to read between the lines... I am basically asking you to play the game alot and not come back to N4G until you have matured a bit!

OK Kiddo!

Oh yeah... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the highest rated game ever with a 9.9 and 9.8! You would know that if you were older. GTA 4 got 9.8! LBP may be a great game indeed, but OoT is the greatest, and LBP will never dethrone it! If you feel the need to disagree, you need to play it! The graphics have suffered, but the gameplay and fun still shine as bright as the day it was first released... A true classic!

eric1003715d ago

I can sense ur pain

I can feel it ouch

LBP's success just too much for u to bear

u are a 5 year older who is burnt by jealousy

AAACE53715d ago

"You are a 5 year older" You just proved my point! You meant to say... "You are 5 years old!"

Stay in school kid!

Like I said before... I hope LBP does well, and I hope alot of people buy it! I don't care about the fanboy thing beyond the point of entertainment. I want the entire games industry to do well because it makes things better for gamers! And you should too!

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The story is too old to be commented.